Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eye Print: Now Trending

Fashion trends keep coming all the time and if you're a fashionista or who loves to follow what's the latest in fashion, you'll be amazed at the various designs and prints that designers and manufacturers are offering to their clients. Even before  a certain style or design will make it big in the market, some top designers are even conducting some form or survey to consumers to see what is the best or will make a trend.

Consumers have the habit of browsing the pages of their fave glossy fashion magazines or online fashion sites to see what is new and trending at the moment. In that way, they will have an idea on what to buythe next time they hit the stores. Usually, big celebrities set the fashion trends when they are seen wearing a certain bag, shoes or clothes. It is more likely that consumers will buy what these celeb are wearing.

These days, these eye prints are trending and you can see them on various merchandise such as shoes, shirts, bags, socks, sweater and more. It's eye-catching and quite unique as you'll have eyes all over you.

Eye Print

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