Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Easy Hairstyles for Work

Looking good every day is pretty hard. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just don’t have it in you to spend time doing your hair. This is fair, and here are a few easy ways to deal with that problem.

Loop Ponytail

This is simple, five minute and above all manageable hairstyle that can give you a clean cut look and make it look like you went the extra mile on a simple hairstyle First spray your hair smooth with hairspray, then pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it with elastic. Use your fingers to separate your hair above elastic and create a hole that is centred above it. Pull the ponytail through the hole and pull it taut. Smart, simple, professional.

DIY Ballerina Bun

If you need to look elegant and like you really tried with your hair without wasting the effort this is a hairstyle that really makes it look like you care. Flip your hair into a high ponytail, use a holder to secure. Use a smoothing brush to tease your hair to give the illusion of volume, alternately if you don’t have the hair volume a BioTHIK treatment may be worth considering. Next, twist your hair and wrap it around the base to create the shape. Secure this with bobby pins until you can shake your head without slipping. Then just smooth the hair down.

Bubble Ponytail

This will give a bouncy excitable and cheerful image to a hairstyle and will make you seem lively and fully energized. First pull your hair into a ponytail, tease out the length, starting at the hair tie. Then tie another elastic band around the ponytail about a third of the way down from the base, then another about two thirds of the way down. Finally slide the elastic bands toward the base. This should bunch things up and create bubbles.

Chignon Twist

A twisted chignon can pull of an elegant look and project a simple no-fuss attitude that will make you look intense and focused. First, get your hair straight and tie a low ponytail. Then twist the ponytail, if you’re feeling energetic divide it into separate sections and wrap them around each other. Then secure them with another hair band. Curl the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail. Once there’s a full circle around the base, pin the other end of the ponytail to your head.

Knot Ponytail

This is another cool twist on a basic ponytail that you don’t’ have to wrestle with. Divide your hair in half and tie it in a double knot. Secure the knotted ponytail with an elastic band and a couple of pins, then just tease the end, done and dusted no fuss muss and only two minutes work.

So if you’re running late, or you just don’t feel like really fixing your hair on the way out of the door, this is a quick way to get things done.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

Who says that leather jackets are for men only? Many women have grown to love leather jackets for it can  give them an edgy style without loosing their femininity. For many years now, leather jackets have been worn by women. These jackets keep on trending in fashion and probably they will stay forever as it can be versatile. It can probably be considered as one of the good investments that any woman can put in her closet.

There are some people who think that leather jackets are for rugged style only, but the truth is, women's leather jackets can be worn together with jeans, skirts, and even long dress. You just need to find the  jacket that will perfectly fit your frame or body type to make your whole outfit to work.  Finding one can be a challenge though but there are some  shops that offer their customers customized leather jackets wherein jackets are made solely for them according to their measurements.

Leather jacket is not only a good piece of clothing that can make any woman chic and fab but it can be a perfect partner for cold winter days that can warm your body.

Here are some of the ways on how to wear a leather jacket.

How to wear a leather jacket.

Getting the Best Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape

Getting the Best Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape

To look your best in your eyeglasses you’ll need to first get glasses that perfectly complement the shape of your face. While you might like the look and design of a certain pair of frames, you might not necessarily like the way that they look on your face. Find out what will work best for your features before you start your search for cheap glasses.

Circular Faces

If you have a face that has a circular shape, you’ll have well rounded cheeks, a wider forehead and a full chin. Everything on your face will be proportional as far as the width and length is concerned. Circular faces are well suited for frames that have lenses that are wider than they are deep. You can also try out frames that have a gentle upsweep at the edges in order to adequately complement your eyes and your cheeks. Other viable options are frames that will add angles to your face and dark-colored frames.

Round Faces

Round and oval faces have great balance and a softly curving jawline that is only slightly narrower than the person’s forehead. The cheekbones will sit high on the face, which is perfect for a variety of frames.

Your best bet will be either rectangular or square frames that will generously complement the curved lines of your face. One thing to keep in mind if you have a round or oval shaped face is that you’ll want to beware of frames that are either too big or too small for your face since they can ruin the natural balance of your features.

Square Faces

Individuals with square faces will have a broad forehead, square-shaped chin and a strong jawline. You’ll also have even proportions in terms of the length and width of your face. In order to find the frames that suit your square face the best, be on the lookout for frames that really let your features stand out.

Stick with round or oval-shaped frames as a way to add balance to your naturally straight lines. If you’ve got your eye on a rectangular pair of frames, look for frames that have subdued edges and steer clear of sharp corners.

Heart Faces

You’ll know you have a heart-shaped face if you have a broad forehead that curves down to a small chin. Your angled cheekbones will sit high on your face, which means you’ll need to make sure that the eyeglasses that you get will properly balance the rest of your face.

As you’re shopping for frames, find ones that are wider at the bottom than they are at the top in order to minimize your broad forehead. One of the very best things about having a heart face is that you can confidently pull off nearly any style of frame.

Rectangular Faces

A face that has more length than width is considered to be rectangular. Additional characteristics of rectangular faces are high cheekbones and longer noses and foreheads. By getting the right lenses for your face, you’ll be able to divide the length of your face and add width as well.

Select a pair of frames that have a prominent or strong brow line that will give you the necessary horizontal element near your forehead. You can also bring balance to your face by getting frames that have a bit of depth to the lenses. You can also round out the angularity of your rectangular face with frames that have gently curving lines and rounded edges. Frames to sidestep include narrow and small frames and lenses that will bring attention to the overall length of your face.

Be sure that you’re constantly thinking about the shape of your face, your fashion sense and your skin tone as you’re picking out glasses in order to find the most complementary match.

Article courtesy of Zenni Optical. Follow Zenni on Twitter @zennioptical or read more glasses fashion tips and technology updates on the Zenni Blog.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Wear the Rock Chic Fashion Style

Women can still look feminine and edgy at the same time. This can be achieve wearing a rock chic fashion style. You don't even need to be a musician or a rocker playing musical instruments to pull off a rocker chic fashion. All you need to have is attitude and some great rock chic wardrobe that you can even find in your own closet.

There are many rock chic styles that you wear and it all depends on the what you like and what is comfortable for you. Just some of the few items that can start your rock chic fashion.
1. Leather jackets  and pants
2. Leather shoes
3. Spikes or edgy bracelets/necklaces and other accesories
4. Studded belts, shoes and bags
5. Dark eyeliner
6. Dark skinny jeans
7. Oversized sunglasses
8. Blings and other stuff

Leighton Meester rocking the rock chic fashion style,

Leighton Meester Rock Chic

rock ur life!


Eye Print: Now Trending

Fashion trends keep coming all the time and if you're a fashionista or who loves to follow what's the latest in fashion, you'll be amazed at the various designs and prints that designers and manufacturers are offering to their clients. Even before  a certain style or design will make it big in the market, some top designers are even conducting some form or survey to consumers to see what is the best or will make a trend.

Consumers have the habit of browsing the pages of their fave glossy fashion magazines or online fashion sites to see what is new and trending at the moment. In that way, they will have an idea on what to buythe next time they hit the stores. Usually, big celebrities set the fashion trends when they are seen wearing a certain bag, shoes or clothes. It is more likely that consumers will buy what these celeb are wearing.

These days, these eye prints are trending and you can see them on various merchandise such as shoes, shirts, bags, socks, sweater and more. It's eye-catching and quite unique as you'll have eyes all over you.

Eye Print

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bare Bones Decor: Skulls

Bare Bones Decor: Skulls

Halloween is just an inch away and I'm sure you are all geared up for this event. What theme or Halloween costume will you wear this year?

For those that always join or celebrate Halloween, nothing beats being all dressed up for that occasion. There are various Halloween costumes to wear and it's always best to experiment and veer away from the traditional or common Halloween costumes. Kids are not the only ones enjoying for adults can really have some fun too. The air will be filled with creepy laughs and moans to scare people.

Decorate your homes with these fun and unique skull decors that will surely ignite a conversation amongst your friends and guests. There are practical a lot of ideas to do with these skulls and you can even have a lot of options for magnets that you can also use for your skull project. No matter what you wear and what you decorate your home this Halloween, just remember to have fun.

Don't let this Halloween scared you too much or you'll end up just locked up in your bedroom with all lights on.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why Everyone Should Own a Cashmere Sweater

Anyone who has ever owned a cashmere sweater can attest to the fact that there is no fiber on earth that compares to this sensual yarn. The rare cashmere fiber comes from a breed of goat that originates in Mongolia. These goats grow extremely soft undercoats that keep them warm during the harsh winters of their mountainous surroundings.

Naturally, this soft silky hair creates one of the most sumptuous fabrics on the globe, making the fiber perfect for craftspeople who make supple garments meant to be worn in cold climates. The special wool is collected each spring when the goats begin to shed their winter coats. Since the finest hair is collected solely from the underbelly of the goat, herders must take great care when combing the fibers from the goats. Part of the reason why cashmere textiles are so expensive is that the fleece must be gathered with great care. Furthermore, since this coveted hair comes only from one part of the goat, it is much rarer than other types of fleece. In fact, one would need to comb at least three goats to make enough yarn for an average-sized sweater.

ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=' of the best cashmere fiber comes from Scotland whose textile weavers are famed for their skill in spinning fine yarns. More than a century ago, Scottish spinners washed, separated, and spun the rare wool from its rough state into the shimmery fibers that have enamored garment makers from all over the world. During the 1920s, cashmere sweaters became popular fashion statements among modern women. The classic "twin set" was a sensation among fashion mavens during the 1930s when film stars like Lana Turner began wearing form-fitting knitwear on screen.

Unlike many other natural or man-made textiles, cashmere boasts a suppleness that makes it perfect for many garments besides sweaters. One can buy elegant and cozy outerwear such as coats and jackets made from this treasured fleece in styles and colors too numerous to list. The fiber is so fine that designers can create larger garments like dresses with this textile without worrying about excess bulk. Some styles that are popular now include elegant, figure-skimming wedge-shaped dresses or more form-fitting tank-style sheaths that sport beautiful ribbed and patterned textures reminiscent of plaid and houndstooth fabrics. One can also find skirts in this material featuring timeless and flattering silhouettes like classic A-line, pleated, and pencil-styles. When the weather is too warm for a heavier sweater, one can opt for airy tanks, tees, and camisoles made from finer cashmere threads. One should not forget that the coveted material that makes up a cashmere sweater is also perfect for accessories like hats, scarves, cowls, gloves and arm or wrist warmers.

Granted, most of the items mentioned above are very common, but it is the fabric that makes these simple wardrobe staples look and feel rich and luxurious. The shimmer and silky texture of cashmere makes it a much more versatile textile than those made from ordinary wool or cotton yarns. Garments made from this rare natural fiber are notably warmer and softer than their cheaper counterparts as well. While these fine knit pieces are more expensive than others, it is probable that once a person experiences the look and feel of a simple cashmere sweater, he or she will find it hard to go back to the more common types of knits.

This article was written by Jameson Rutherford, a fashion designer who enjoys writing in his free time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keeping Your Jewelries and Valuables on Jewelry Boxes

Women will always have accessories and jewelries that she use to complete her wardrobe. Jewelries for most of us are our priced possessions that is why it only deserves a nice place where we can store them properly. Jewelry boxes has long been used as a safe haven for our jewelries and actually it can also be passed on to the next generation along with your heirloom pieces.

Jewelry boxes can come in various sizes and shapes that can accommodate all your jewelries. These boxes can be made out of metal, plastic, cardboard, cloth, wood and even natural materials such as stones, pebbles, marble, capiz and more. Designers are coming up with different styles now that can perfectly suit your taste. You can opt to have a musical jewelry box with the classic dancing ballerina that will spin when you open the box. However, if you opt for more classic or simple designs, these geometric jewelry boxes can be an eye-candy to you. There are some stores that make customized or personalized jewelry boxes that can include your name, logo, monogram or whatever signs or image you want to have. These are also perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

No matter what kind of jewelry box that you'll choose, these boxes will certainly hold and keep your precious jewelries free from dust and scratches. Here are some contemporary jewelry boxes with geometric designs.

Geometric Jewelry Boxes

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Use Digital Coupons Your Detailed Guide

Many retailers and manufacturers offer digital coupons on rewards cards. For stores that do not offer rewards cards, additional types of media are used such as email, text and social networking. Smartphone users are often able to show a clerk a text coupon or discount at the register for dollars off or percentages off of their purchase. These are available for food items as well as footwear discounts.

Pairing Digital Coupons with Store Sales
In some cases it is best to save coupons, digital or paper, for end of season sale opportunities. If the expiration date of the coupon is before the sale, consider the price with the coupon and the sale price. Use the better discount to make your purchase. Some stores will allow digital or paper coupons to be paired with clearance items, end of season sale items, for footwear discounts and with other store sales.

Knowing When to Use a Digital Coupon
When coupons for retail items are received, browse the store to see if any special promotions are listed for items. Also view online websites and circulars to see if any sales are in the near future. When there are no sales or promotions scheduled, use the coupon on the item to gain the best discount possible. If sales are in the near future, save the coupon to use with the store discount or sale. This creates a deeper savings for you.

Some digital coupons require printing. Although they were obtained online or in an email, some stores require a physical copy of the coupon. Be sure to read the fine print so that you are not left paying full price for an item. If it is not stated whether or not a digital coupon can be shown to a cashier or a physical copy is needed, print one anyway.

Obtaining Digital Coupons
Some major retailers offer a large coupons section on their websites. For those that have rewards cards, those coupons can be loaded digitally to the card. It is always a good idea to load the coupons to your savings card a full 24-hours before you plan to shop. Some digital coupon programs take longer to apply them than others.

View the coupon policy for each store that you shop with. Some permit stacking of in-store coupons with paper manufacturer coupons or other digital offers. Digital coupons may also be able to be used for online ordering if there is a code associated with them. Reading these guidelines saves you a lot of trouble at checkout time.

Knowing when and how to use digital coupons, or paper coupons, is the deciding factor of your total savings. Pairing coupons with sales is the ideal way to get the best discount, even on end of season sale items. Finding footwear discounts is rare, but on the occasion that they are made available, take advantage of them with or without an upcoming sale. Impatience when a coupon or discount offer is received may lead to more money needing to be spent. Sit on coupons for a little bit and try to wait until the last minute to use them as you never know when an item is going to be discounted or go on sale.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Importance of Finding the Right Beauty Product for You

As a woman, nothing beats feeling and looking beautiful all the time. There's no reason not to feel good about oneself because we can find beauty within ourselves, which is our character. Apart from our quest to enhance our inner beauty, our physical beauty should follow suit. There are products that can aid or help us enhance our physical beauty and we just need to find the right beauty product that will truly match our skin types so that it can give us youthful glow and satisfaction. Finding the right beauty product for you can be challenging and quite a feat but if you're patient enough then the reward is in the end.

One product that works wonders for someone may not work great for another person simply because we all have different skin types and some products react on our skins differently. Also, don't expect an overnight miracle when you use a certain soap, wrinkle remover or eye cream for it can really take a while for the effects to be noticeable.

It's normal for us to try different kinds of beauty products though for it can really help us in finding what's best for us. Thankfully, there are manufacturers that sell their products in sachets or even small bottles for us to test for few weeks. Once you like the product, then that is the time to buy then in big bottles.

As a consumer, we always need to take note of the changes that it can do to our skin especially on our faces. Check for possible allergy or reaction and once you noticed that you are not "hiyang" or your skin is irritated, immediately discontinue your use. Never test a product of the same kind but of 2 different brands at the same time on your face to avoid untoward reactions. Let your skin "breathe" and rest for a while before using another kind.

I was going through my beauty and hygiene supplies this morning and saw that I already need to buy another feminine wash soon while others are still half way through. In my case, I’ve been using Unilab products for a while now, actually, for years already and I guess I'm sticking to these products (some products not on photo) for I have grown to love them because they're working for me.

I've got those Celeteque facial wash which has micro beads that can help in scrubbing all the dead cells and even those blackheads on my face while I also use their alcohol-free hydrating toner before I go to sleep at night. To keep me fresh down there, instead of soap or just plain water, I'm using pH care's feminine wash with no fragrance. I have tried some with scent but I still prefer the non-scented one.

It's not only beauty products from Unilab that I am using but I'm also taking their Conzace multi-vitamins  since last year for immunity boost. When my stomach needs to be tamed for hyperacidity, Kremil-S is always to the rescue and in fact, I always have one on my wallet just in case the attack will come. I definitely would want to try their other products in the future.

So far, I have found the right products for myself and I hope you already found yours.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Open-toe Platform Wedges for Modern Women

Women can never have too many shoes and these days, wedge shoes are one of the favorite type of shoes that women buy. Wedge shoes have thick heels that gives more support and comfort when worn. They often come in different styles and height that can match any outfit. Materials can be made of pure genuine or synthetic leather, canvas, cloth, velvet and more.

Some styles include patterns like floral, stripes or camouflage for women who loves a bolder style. Solid colored wedges will always be available for more classic look but combination of colors or color blocking can also been seen on some styles. If you have some money to spend,why not splurge on a branded or signature platform wedges but get ready to pay for extra $ on the prices. However, if you're budget kinda gal who always love to find good and quality wedge shoes, then there are more affordable open-toe platform wedge sandals that will not break your bank.

These open-toe platform wedge sandals not only can make you look chic and fab but they also can give added height to those women who want few inches more in their height. Wedge sandals can be worn on casual or formal attire depending on the style and can be a great alternative to stilettos and high heeled shoes.

Special Delivery: 6 Open-Toe Platform Wedges

Here's how you can wear your wedge shoes

~~Images from
To semi formal

The Perks of Online Shopping

The advent of the Internet has paved the way to a lot of things for all of us. Not only can we read/send emails, talk/chat, do banking online, or work  but we can also shop using our computers at the comfort of our homes or office. Shopping these days like what I'm always saying has become easier and convenient for many of us shoppers. No need to go to a store which can be far away from your place just to buy a present for someone or stuff that you need because we can already do the shopping just in front of our computer.

All we need to have are desktop computer/laptop/mobile phones or tablet, internet connection, credit card/paypal to finish your online transactions. It's even more convenient because some sellers are offering various ways to pay other than your CC or paypal and because of these more shoppers are enticed to buy online.

Online stores also have mushroomed the past few years and this rapid growth gave online shoppers more options to buy items that sometimes they will not normally find on local stores. A lot of stores also give regular discounts or promos to their customers to increase sales and profits while a lot of shoppers also believe that there are more great deals at online stores, which I believe is also true.

More shoppers also do their searches and price comparisons using their preferred gadgets and NRF even say that 5-7% of US shoppers used their mobile phones. I see no reason why these stats will not go up because our gadgets help a lot in our online shopping and with the holidays coming, I can feel that the rates will soar high.

Let's go shopping and enjoy the perks of shopping at our homes!

Graphic Source

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shop for Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month and you can always help in the campaign by buying products that support this campaign. There are many stores that offer products that you can buy and some of the profits will directly go to the Breast Cancer Awareness and Research to help prevent and cure this disease that cause millions of deaths already in the world.


Check out these products :

Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

~~Coach Mini Boyfriend Breast Cancer Awareness Small Strap Watch
9,875 PHP ($228)

~~ MARC JACOBS 'Daisy Hot Pink' Eau de Parfum (Limited Edition)
3,420 PHP ($79)

~~Pink Ribbon | Estee Lauder Official Site
1,275 PHP ($30)

~~Keratin Complex Heat Therapy Ceramic Ball Dryer - Pink
6,450 PHP ($149)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Essential Items for the Perfect Shave

Do you currently shave? Let’s face facts: though shaving is a necessity and usually leaves a nice, smooth surface, shaving can also be a chore. Sometimes a hassling process, when you don’t shave properly, you stand the chance of cutting or tearing your skin. How do you avoid doing this? The perfect shave relies on having the perfect items. Though everyone has different needs and usually shaves in a different manner, obtaining the right tools is essential for any serious shave. After all, without the right tools how can you rightfully expect to properly shave your face?

It’s Your Face--Do It Right

When you shave your face, people are going to notice. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the appropriate items to ensure your face is left smooth and shining, once the shaving process is complete. Take a look below at some essential items that will help you obtain the perfect shave.

The Right Kit

Do you own a shaving a kit? Sure, you can purchase individual items, but wouldn’t it make more sense to buy all of the essential items to conduct the perfect shave in one convenient place? The Art of Shaving offers shaving kits at reasonable prices that will have you looking new and fresh in minutes. These kits are essential for any serious shaver.

Creams and Gels

Having the right razor is very important, but what about the other items needed to conduct a clean shave? After all, before you use the razor, you need to lather your face with lotion or cream. Finding the right cream for your face and your specific needs can be difficult, but it needs to be done. There are some lotions and creams that could cause your face to become irritated and breakout. Before purchasing any type of gel, cream, or soap, make sure to look at the ingredients on the bottle. You don’t want to use any products that could potentially be harmful to your skin.


This particular item may seem as if it’s connected with the product above, but in all reality, aftershave is quite different than creams and gels. Most men enjoy using after-shave once the act of shaving is complete. This method helps skin to look smooth, clean, and shiny. When you apply aftershave, you are also reducing the chance of your skin burning due to the shave. Again, be mindful of the type of aftershave you’re using. Make sure to look at product ingredients and choose a type of aftershave that will work well with your skin and specific needs

The Razor

Finding the perfect razor and knowing when to switch the blade might be one of the hardest rules associated with shaving. Yes, razors and blades can sometimes be expensive, but you don’t want to use dull or old blades, as they will cut your face. It’s important to find a good razor that meshes well with your skin type. You also need to find a razor that fits comfortably in your hand and is light or easy to use.

Though it may not seem like it at first, shaving is a delicate process that should be practiced with much ease. Before you begin shaving, it’s vital to make sure you have the right products. You may have to test different items before finding the right ones that fit your needs. Please note: some of these items may be quite privacy, but in the end they will be well worth it. Again, you’re shaving your face--people will notice if you’ve used quality products. Now you’re ready, so start shaving!

Forever 21's Batman and Catwoman Collection

Batman and Catwoman invaded Forever 21 store!

DC Comics teamed up with Forever 21 to showcase these exciting and huge collection of Bats and Cats that are sure to make batman and Catwoman fans scream for joy.  Who says that Batman cannot grace woman's apparel? Here's the proof that Batman can be as charming and chic. Browsing through the Batman and Catwoman Collection that they are offering at the store, I'm very sure that Batman and Catwoman fanatics will have a grand time perusing the collection.

The collection includes sweaters, sweat shirt, jacket, cap, leggings, skirts, backpacks just to name a few. They are affordable so there's no reason not to get one if you dig the theme.

Check out these chic items.

Sweaters from $22.50 -27.80

Leggings $15.80

Purchase them at Forever 21.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Story of Diamonds

Man – and woman – has had a love affair with diamonds for thousands of years. They have been used for decoration, as protection and, these days, as an expression of love, as we see in the stunning diamond engagement and weddings rings that seem to be all around us. But what is the real story of diamonds?

How are diamonds formed?

Diamonds are composed of pure carbon, the most common element on the earth. Their story begins over three billion years ago when carbon deposits deep in the earth were subjected to pressures and temperatures so extreme that they began to crystallise. The earth’s surface began to cool but volcanic activity caused magma (liquid rock) carrying the carbon crystals (which we now call diamonds) to flow to the surface. As the magma hardened, so the diamonds became encased vertical volcanic ‘pipes’.

Over millions of years, the rock has been eroded away, freeing the diamonds and leaving them to be washed into watercourses and sometimes down to the sea.

Diamonds are renowned for their hardness and are the hardest substance known to man. They are rated at 10 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness with corundum (the second hardest material and from which rubies and sapphires are formed) rated at 9, making them four times harder in absolute terms. Diamonds cannot be scratched by anything other than another diamond. They can, however, be split or even shattered by a sharp blow in the right place, a property exploited by diamond cutters when turning the raw stone into beautiful jewellery.

Diamonds through the ages

The first record of diamonds is in India over 3,000 years ago. Hindus believed that they had extraordinary powers and wore them as talismans to ward off evil. They even placed them as eyes in statues of their deities. The ancient Greeks and Romans also valued diamonds as bringers of good fortune and believed that they were tears of the gods. In the Dark Ages diamonds were thought to have healing powers - holding a diamond in the hand while making the sign of the cross was thought to cure illness and heal wounds. By the Middle Ages, diamonds came to be valued more for their beauty and value rather than their mystical powers.

As their popularity and value increased, mine owners liked to perpetuate the myth that they were poisonous to deter mineworkers from stealing stones by swallowing them.

Nowadays, most people consider the diamond to be a beautiful and valuable gemstone. It is popularly viewed as a symbol of love and eternity and so is used in engagement and wedding rings as the gemstone of choice for many couple.

Sources of diamonds

In the distant past most diamonds came out of India, where two of the world’s most famous diamonds – the Koh-I-Noor and the Blue Hope – were found. But as India’s production dwindled so new mines were found in Brazil and Borneo. Again these were too small to satisfy demand. In the mid-19th century, diamonds were discovered in great quantities in South Africa and later in Australia where the world’s richest deposits are to be found. Indeed, Lake Argyle (in the remote northern part of Western Australia is now the world’s largest producer by volume although very few gem quality stones are found.

Jenny McFarland is interested in the history of jewellery through the ages.

All Killer No Filler Halloween Collection from BlackMilk

Still need to find a Halloween Costume or a Halloween outfit?

Those witches and fairies costumes are already boring and too common so why not try something different that can make a statement. Thanks to Black Milk, an Australian brand that offers various tight fitting clothing. They specialize in catsuits, swimsuits, leggings and more.

This Halloween, they launched “All Killer No Filler" line wherein you can find various prints like blood splatter, corpse, haunted house, mechanical bone, zombie, guts and more.
Apart from Halloween, you can also use these outfits on your night escapades. Buy them at BlackMilk store

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frame Buying: The Right Frame Of Mind

Frames are essential. They protect the artwork, or photograph that you are going to display from dirt, dust, scratches, or even water, thus persevering them for a long time. Aside from that, they do a good job in showcasing the art in its best light. Because of that, frames are in demand up to now, and they have never been more popular. If you are planning to purchase one for the above reasons, then here are the things you should know prior to doing that.

Buy In Bulk, Save Cash

As the title implies, going for wholesale when buying frames is a good idea, especially if you need a lot of them in the long run. That is because you can save tons of cash, than purchasing them individually. Wholesale stores are often discounted, and apart from that, buying from them saves you the time and effort because you will not repeat the process over and over. With that in mind, for bulk poster frames, go to

Correct Sizing

As with any items that you are going to purchase, it is important to get the right size for the poster frames. That way, you do not have to cramp everything inside, which just destroys the presentation as discussed in this page. A large frame also does that, so get one in the correct size. You can easily do this by measuring the artwork you are going to frame, and compare it with the poster frames sold online, or better yet, you can go for customized frames.

Do Not Forget the Accessories

In case you do not know, poster frames have their own accessories. We are not talking about earrings and the like; instead they come in the form of the hardware kit, hanging wire, etc. These things will help you mount and secure the poster frames in place. Using them, you never have to worry about the frame falling down and breaking whatever is inside.

Now that you know what to look for, you can start searching the internet for poster frames that can protect and showcase your art. Keep in mind that you want a durable frame so only buy from the best source. If your art is precious, then it should be displayed using the best.

Shop for Christmas Lights As Early As Now

It is months away from Christmas, but as early as now, you should think about going to the internet to shop for Christmas Lights that you will use for decoration. You are probably thinking that you have a month or two to accomplish this, so why go through all the effort? Well, there are many reasons why you should consider early shopping, and here they are.

Shop for Christmas Lights As Early As Now

Don't Get Rushed This Christmas
You have probably heard of the Christmas rush. People are everywhere; the streets, the stores, and even your favorite shopping websites. They are there for one purpose alone, and that is to shop for decors, as well as the gifts they are going to give to their loved ones. You do not want to be caught in all the excitement because you have your own gift hunting to do. That is why, as early as today, get your needs and More at: ChristmasLightsEtc.

Decorate Your Bedroom Anytime
Aside from avoiding the Christmas rush, you may want to shop for the Christmas Lights today to decorate your room. The beauty of Christmas Lights is you can place it anywhere; your ceiling, the windows, frame borders, mirrors, containers, and walls. Basically, you can use it for everything, and there is no shortage of things you can accomplish with it.

Save Tons of Money
By now, you probably know about the rule of supply and demand. The more that people buy a particular product, the higher its price; this is simple economy, and this is how things work. Believe it or not, Christmas Lights are affected by this law, especially come Christmas Season. Naturally, people all over the place will start buying it, so the price will hike up, or worse, the shops will run out, and you will have nothing to decorate with. That is why; if you want to save up, then buy as early as now.

Those are the reasons why you should get your Christmas Lights while they are still cheap and available. Do not make the mistake of joining the throngs of people who will be buying them several days before the Yuletide season. With that in mind, go ahead and purchase it.

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