What to Wear for Your Next Girls' Night Out

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All work and no play makes every woman dull and boring.

It's Friday night or weekend, all your girlfriends are going out but there you are sitting in the house with no energy at all. Work can really make us stress and lose our energy especially if we always work pass our working hours. It's true that resting and relaxing at home can be good but having a day with your friends can be energizing too.  So, get up and head out the door and meet your friends.

What to wear for your girl's night out?  Check out your closet and choose something that can bring out your personality in you. You can be edgy if you want. Wear tight jeans in black or white and it can make you feel sexy, just don't forget to be confident as it can really show on how you dress up.  Here are some ideas to wear.

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Girls night out with sophia.


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Lucy Joy
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Great post - I especially love that earring!

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