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Trending Types of Pump Shoes

Trending Types of Pump Shoes
Pump shoes are among the most common and popular types of shoes worn by many women. They are also the most difficult types of shoes to define. They can be described as closed back shoes, with their front being low-cut hitting close to the toes that at the top of the foot. Classic pump shoes have a vamp, which is seamless, are unlaced, unbuckled, and also unstrapped. However, there are other silhouettes that have ankle straps, Mary Jane straps, or t-straps. These shoes can also have the toes open, pointy, round, almond, and square or peep. Their heels can be of any height. There are a number of types, which include the following:

The Classic Pump
These are usually made from patent or natural leather material and normally are available in many colors and are an ideal type of shoe for everyday duties. Classic pump shoes are usually worn for various occasions including work, a night out in the town, or in casual gatherings, which require that the participants wear semi casual clothes. Their heels are usually between three and five inches high and the front design is a closed toe.

Open-Toe Pump
Open-Toe Pump
Open-Toe pumps usually are open at the front where the toes are exposed. Similar to the classic pumps, their heels measure between 3 inches and five inches. Some also have open sides. This is not an ideal type of shoe to be worn casual events. They are most suitable for the places of work where the type of attire required is semi-professional.

Sling-Back Pump
Sling-Back PumpOne characteristic that identifies the sling-back pumps is the leather straps, which are usually located around the back and the top of the ankle. These pumps are usually worn in semi casual gatherings and also in places of work. The sling-back pump can be designed with open sides or open toes. Again, the height of the sling-back heels usually measure from three inches to five inches.

Kitten Heel Pump
A kitten heel is usually slender and is commonly found on sandals. However, these heels can also be made on pumps. The size of these heels is slightly smaller than the previously mentioned pumps. They measure between one and a half inches to two inches. These heels were invented in the mid twentieth century and their popularity was attributed to their usage by actress Audrey Hepburn.

High-Heel Pump
High-Heel Pump Shoes
This is the most common and also the most worn type of pump worn. Their heels are the highest of all the pumps type of shoes with the height measuring from four inches to eight inches. They are the ideal type of shoes for a night out or dinner dates. They are usually designed with various types of jewelry or they may be etched. They are of the open toe type and the heels may be thick or thin. High-heeled pumps are usually suitable with dresses but they are not appropriate for the place of work.

The different types of pumps can also be worn with different types of socks such as the knee-high socks, ankle socks, lace socks, and thigh-high socks. It is important to consider the size of heels one is comfortable with before wearing pumps to avoid tripping over.

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