Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Sephora Disney Ariel Beauty Collection

We have seen Ariel in the Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid back in the late 80's. How can we ever forget Ariel's long, and bright red hair, her eyes that are colored blue, her violet bra made of seashells and her cute green mermaid tail. Not to forget her beautiful sweet voice and her rebellious personality that won the heart of a human.

There has been heaps of merchandise where Ariel appeared and kids have grown to love her since then. This time, for women who loves makeup and things that can make her beautiful, an assortment of color cosmetics was launched by Sephora.

Disney Ariel Collection by Sephora,  is the 3rd chapter of Disney’s Reigning Beauties by Sephora, inspired by Disney princess ARIEL was launched this year and that includes eyeshadow, fragrance, nail set, and lipgloss.

Ariel is inviting us to discover her wonderful world through these colorful cosmetics that adventurous individuals will like.

NOTE: is the exclusive beauty retailer for these products.

1. Disney Collection Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette $30 - includes four vibrant shadows

2. Disney Collection Kiss the Girl $58.00

3. Whatcha-Nail-Callit 6 Piece Nail Set $24.50
4. Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum Rollerball $19

5. Mermaid's Song 4 Piece Lip Gloss Set - Limited Edition $38
colors are:
- Mermaid (courageous coral)- Red Head (rich red)
- Dream Girl (perky pink) - Sea Witch (bold berry)

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