Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smart Online Shopping Tips

Shopping has never been the same since the evolution of the Internet. Shopping became easier and faster because even at the comforts of your home anyone can shop for products that they love. It can save us time and money to go out to buy something. Browsing through the catalogue with photos, details and prices of produts consumers have all the options to buy what they like at various online stores.
Smart Online Shopping TipsOnline shopping has its advantages and disadvantages as well and as a consumer we should always be conscious about our every transactions we made most especially if it is done online. Shopping online can be easy and convenient but we need to be smart while doing our shopping.

Be On-Guard
There are numerous stores online but how can we be sure if they are legit or not. Finding a legit store can be daunting especially for first time online shoppers. Always search online and see if there are reviews about a particular store. Beware of bogus stores proliferating on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites as well. Also, don't give your credit card and Paypal details to anyone and as much as possible avoid clicking doubtful links on your email from unknown sender or posing as emails from Paypal or your credit card company.

Compare Prices
If you have some time, why not check various stores and compare their prices. Why buy a certain product that is more expensive when you can get them at a lower price at a different store? There are actually sites where you can check prices of items from different store in the Internet. This can also save you time comparing prices.

Look for Bargains and Deals
A lot of online stores are offering discounts or sale to their customers so be aware of these offers. Much better if you can subscribe to their newsletters so you’ll be ahead of the promos and their new products.

Promo Codes and Coupons
Every consumer can save ample amount of money when you can always use promo codes and coupons when you shop. Be sure to check out codes on various coupon sites and even at your fave online store. It’s like hitting a jackpot when you get can a good discount on your purchase.

Read Reviews
Shoppers can always read reviews about products that they wish to buy. There are many bloggers or product reviewers that give their honest opinion and views and this can also help consumers.

Also, check out various online resource for finding information and insights about products and services and it can make your shopping much easier as well. If you are looking for a certain product, saving tips and tricks or even online dating safety tips, browsing online even if it will take you hours surfing can be beneficial in the end.

Enjoy shopping but don’t forget to be smart and cautious as well!


  1. I always read reviews about a product or the shopping site before buying. Reviews are a big help to determine the quality of the product or the reputation of the shopping site.
    Great and helpful tips you pointed out here :)

  2. I haven't tried online shopping yet but if ever there come a time that I would be shopping online, the tips given here would be a very big help.

  3. That's really smart and don't forget to use credit card for your own protection.

  4. Price comparison is what I love about online shopping as you get to find the best deal there is.

  5. i love online stores since it also drives the stores on location to be competitive, and they also match the price, for the good of everyone. what i like most are the apps, where i could compare prices right away and read reviews.

  6. I love shopping online because there are more greater deals than in stores, however if i have a chance i do compare prices thanks for this tips.

  7. Shopping has really changed a lot nowadays. Downloading apps on my phone has made me read reviews to know whether the app is okay or not. I wonder how it would be to date someone online :) I wonder whether the hubby and I could have ended up together had technology been this advanced way back then :)

  8. Looking for bargain and sales is a nice thing do.

  9. these are all handy tips to know when it comes to online shopping...thanks for sharing! i, myself love shopping online especially to those items that are not locally available here in Bangkok. :) glad that Thailand has really nice postal service, based on my experience its always on-time...

  10. I agree with you on the tips you have shared on online shopping. I love online shopping because of the discounts and promotional offers, convenience right at my fingertips and I don't have to drive to the mall. However, I do review the testimonies of other shoppers and check for the VeriSign logo on each online shop I visit and transact with. I also dedicate 1 credit card solely for online shopping so I don't mix it up with others and I can easily track all my transactions.

  11. I do a lot of shopping online specially for accessories. Aside from I can compare the price, I can use codes too.

  12. The advent of technology has had such massive impact in our lives! There was a time when I got so hook to shopping at ebay; I'd even take a leave of absence from work so that I could put up a bid and seriously I felt like it was a disease that I needed rehabilitation. LOL!

  13. those are very good tip as well Ria, I forgot to include that verisign logo in the list.

  14. hahaha i was bitten by the ebay bug too Lainy..good thing I stopped it already

  15. I shop online only when I trust the site and I've read reviews or heard about it from someone I know. Thanks for these great tips.


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