Monday, September 30, 2013

Make a Bold Statement with a Gold Cuff Bracelet

Women will never have too many bags, shoes and jewelries. Jewelries have been used for thousand of years ago and before they symbolize social status and power but these days, wearing jewelries are already part of every woman's outfit.

For women with discerning taste, wearing a gold cuff bracelet will always be her top choice when it comes to picking a jewelry. A drab outfit can instantly be uplifted just by wearing a statement cuff bracelet that can draw attention. Cuff bracelets are not only meant to be worn on formal occasion that matches a formal attire because this piece of jewelry is also very versatile.

From casual, semi-formal and formal dressing, cuff bracelet will no doubt make  any woman's attire look fab, elegant and glamorous. Cuff bracelets may come in various styles that will suit your style and budget. Some of these styles have stones, crystals and other accents. It's easy to wear and there are heaps of contemporary designs that are available on various stores. Styles may vary from simple cuff accentuated by a statement jewel, strips of gold entangled together to make an interesting design and/or a zigzag pattern of various sizes as well that can match any woman's wrist. It's a no fuzz jewelry that every woman would want to wearing over and over.

When you want to buy this kind of bracelet, always make sure to check out various stores for you can always find affordable ones that are not too far behind from designer's brands when it comes to quality. You can find cuff bracelets for as low as $20 to $400 each depending if it's real gold or just a gold plated one.

Check out these gold cuff bracelet and I'm sure they will make a bold statement and make you feel like a queen.

Gold Cuffs

Adia Kibur bracelet
($24) 1,040 PHP -

Melinda Maria feather cuff bracelet
(£114) 7,950 PHP -

Vince Camuto bracelet
($148) 6,415 PHP -

Elie Tahari filigree cuff bracelet
(£51) 2,815 PHP -

ASOS bracelet
(£7.50) 550 PHP -

K LLER COLLECTION gold tone cuff bracelet
( $360) 15,600 PHP -

Stella Dot bracelet
($79) 3,425 PHP -

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