Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Impress at your Next Trade Show with Printed Clothing

Trade shows are an unmissable opportunity to create new leads and get your brand out there. The best part is you don’t even need a marketing expert to impress potential clients. Simple details like glossy booklets and matching printed t-shirts can create a lasting impression which offers ROI.

In the weeks and days running up to the event, remember not to focus all of your resources on preparation for the show itself. Pre-show blog posts, social networking and newsletters can generate buzz and anticipation, letting clients and potential clients see your business is pro-active and exciting. Consider posting cards in shipments for deals or freebies at your stand.

Look the part with printed workwear

Investment in a high quality booth can offer returns, show after show. Professional graphic designers can create an eye-catching stand which will have visitors queuing up to chat to your staff. Product based businesses will need to showcase their items within the stand, while service based companies can use LCD screens to impress.

Take enough friendly and approachable staff to offer one-on-one advice, but don’t invite everyone to the day out. Too many staff standing around can drag the buzzy atmosphere down and intimidate those passing by. Tables can introduce a barrier between you, as can formal business wear.

Printed workwear gives your brand consistency and creates a professional yet friendly feel. It also means your employees will advertise your brand when walking around the show floor. Embroidered polo shirts have a high quality finish and can be paired with simple black trousers for a uniformed look. Printed designs are cost effective alternative, perfect if trade shows aren’t a regular occurrence for your business.

printed shirts

Promotional items
As professional as visitors may like to appear, everybody loves a freebie. In addition to your glossy marketing literature (brochures, fliers and CD ROMs), use promotional items to attract people to your stand. The perfect freebie is cheap to produce, yet useful and reflects quality. Printed t-shirts and socks are a great way to get your brand out there, while embroidered towels and polo shirts give a more executive feel.

If you're organising a cool social event, sports team outing or running an exciting business project then one way to create some buzz around the occasion is with embroidered clothing featuring your own custom design and wording.

Embroidered t-shirts for example are very popular for social events such as sports teams going on tour, University and College societies, corporate events and team building days.

Brandawear aims to cover custom embroidered clothing for any event you can think off! Going on a group camping and adventure sports weekend? Their high quality embroidered jackets and embroidered activewear is perfect for you. If you're running an important business event then their custom embroidered t-shirts, embroidered polo shirts, embroidered knitwear, embroidered trousers, embroidered shirts and embroidered workwear can give you the professional and unified presence you deserve.

Embroidered t-shirts made with quality chain stitches
Brandawear is the best destination online for custom embroidered T-Shirts, embroidered hoodies, polo shirts, jackets and embroidered workwear. All Brandawear embroidered garments are subject to high levels of quality control and are produced in house before dispatch to you. Their embroidery processes use chain stitches to produce your artwork into garments. Chain stitched embroidery is a traditional method and delivers a high quality finish. With an embroidered design your artwork can use a mix of up to 15 colours in both basic and more elaborate designs.

UK based with fast turnaround
All Brandawear garments are embroidered in the UK to deliver superior quality products, fast production times and speedy delivery. While the costs of producing embroidered t-shirts or other embroidered garments is initially higher than that of printed products, embroidered designs last longest and can provide excellent value for money. For all embroidered t-shirt enquiries contact Brandawear.com for a free quote.

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