Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hair Tools to Keep Every Woman's Hair in Style

Women should always give extra time for themselves by making themselves feel and look great. No need to go to the salon all the time to have your hair fix when you need to go out or when you have special occasions for we can always do it on our own.

All we need are the right hair tools that can help us style our hair for it can aid us in creating various hairstyles. There are heaps of tutorial videos online especially at Youtube where we can learn the basics and even the advance hairstyling.

Here are some hair tools that every woman should have in her vanity dresser. All can be purchased at SEPHORA.com

1. Hair Dryer - Pink $39.00. This can straighten and give volume to you hair while it can also fix unruly strands to stay in place.Travel Hair Dryer


2. Curling Iron- The 3-Day Bender Drybar   $125.00 - gives nice curls on your hair
3. Hot Rollers Short Length Style Set $145.00

4. Flat Iron- ghd Gold Professonal 2” styler at $225- gives your hair that shiny straight hair that most women wanted to have.

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