Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cool Gadgets Active Women Simply Love

The business path of a successful woman includes not only a strong personality, charisma and flair, but also the right accessories. And this does not mean just having an elegant briefcase and office outfit, but also the gadgets that spice our lives. Here are some of the must-haves in terms of gadgets for every successful, active woman.

Have a digital drag
Today’s active woman doesn’t have time for cigarette breaks. She wants to be able to enjoy a nice, relaxing puff without having to leave the office or stay outside in the cold for a smoke break. That is why the electronic cigarette fits perfectly with the lifestyle of the active woman. Easy to carry around, doesn’t take much space in your bag, the electronic cigarette was designed for those who want to enjoy smoking, but without all the restrictions of regular smoking. Since the electronic cigarette doesn’t leave any traces of smoke, bad odor or ash digital smoking can be done anywhere, without bothering the people around you. If you haven’t made the switch to digital smoking yet, you’ll find everything you need to get you started on starter kit, chargers, batteries, cartridges and a wide variety of flavors. And surprise: for all the active women out there who enjoy networking, Blu e-cigs are equipped with a social feature, meaning that the electronic cigarette will light up if it detects the vapors of other Blu smokers within 50 feet.

Travel light
Successful, active. We get it. Still, we’re talking about delicate women, that shouldn’t have to carry a lot of weight with them. That’s why every active women needs a light laptop and what better to do the job than the Sony VAIO X Series, with its thin and elegant design. Although it only weighs 655 grams and has a height of just 13.9 mm, it is able to give a great performance and respond to all expectations. Plus the long lasting battery (16 hours) enhances productivity. You’ll be able to bring it to all your meetings without having to worry about weight and battery.

What is your destination?
No, we’re not going to start talking about stereotypes around women drivers. However, women need to get to places. And let’s face it: although they are usually more careful in traffic compared to mane, women are not as good as men when it comes to spatial orientation. This is when a GPS comes in handy. Instead of asking for direction, the modern women understood that when you’re in trouble or when you don’t want to waste time, you have to rely on technology. If you have an updated software, you will be able to find your way in traffic in no time. No more wasting precious moments or arriving late at meeting.

How smart is your phone?
With today’s high quality smartphones, people are wondering if we stopped needing cameras. In a sense, yes. Although cameras can deliver great, professional results, if you’re not interested in seeing every fine line in the face of the person you’re taking a picture of, smartphones can also take quality photos, perfect for those who don’t aim at having a career in photography. If you’re able to get a photo of a certain moment, you can consider your job done. Not to mention that a camera is not exactly a device you would normally carry around, but you always have your phone.

Whether we’re talking about electronic cigarettes, smartphone or very thin laptops, technology can fit all the needs of people with an active lifestyle.

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