Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colorful Shopper Bags on Sale at Mango

I don't know about you but I love big bags!

I do like carrying lots of stuff inside my bag eventhough I'm not sure if I'm going to use all of them when I go out. Making sure that I have lots of tissue, my medicines, powder, extra foldable shopping bag, umbrella, phone, digi-cam and some of my kikay stuff. I guess I have my whole closet (lol) inside my bag that I carry esp. when I go to the city or long distance traveling. You'd not see me without a bag even when I go to the grocery or just going to withdraw some cash at the ATM, this time smaller bag of course is necessary.

Since I love to carry big bags, a shopper bag fits my bag style. As you can see, a shopper bag has a wide mouth or opening 2 handles for comfort. The opening can either have   magnetic button fastening or a zipper opening . I'd prefer the latter as it can be more secure when carrying.

These types of bags are spacious and light weight depending on the material used. But mostly soft leather, faux leather, canvass, cotton and nylon materials are used.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="387"] Maroon Studded shopper bag - PhpP1,950[/caption]

Would really love to have this studded shopper bag that costs Php1,950.00. The only thing that's hindering me from buying this is that it has no zipper fastening on top that makes it not secure (for me) when I go to the malls. You know there are many pickpockets in the metro so carrying this would mean an invitation for them to pickpocket. Yay! Also, I don't want to be conscious  checking my bag all the time if my wallet or phone are still inside because it has no zipper but some bags bellow have zippers though.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="387"] Metal plate shopper bag = Php 1,250.00[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"] Cotton Shopper Bag from Php1,250 >>>>Php595 (-52%)[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"] Bicolor shopper Php 1,250.00[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"] Cotton shopper bag
From: Php1,750
Now: Php795 (-55%)[/caption]

Get them at: MANGO

What about you, what type of bags do you always buy and why?


  1. I like the metal plate shopping bag! Wohooo! Blue!

  2. I LOVE BIG BAGS TOO!. Big bags is very practical it can accomodate a lot of stuff in just one carrying. As a student who got lots of books to carry in going to school. I need a big bag.

    As a Mom of a Toddler and who goes with me at work, I need big bags to put on his stuff, that includes, bottles, milk, diapers, clothes, etc..

    Now who doesn't want a big bag? hahaha.. I love them all especially the red one :)

  3. love the blue one, it's big and can carry everything, can double as weekend bag too. Truth is.... love them all hahaha :)

  4. I like big bags if I go on vacation other than that I just use a cross body purses everyday.

  5. Mango shops went on sale here too and I was eyeing a yellowish one but opted for a GGL instead- they were on 50% sale :D lovely bags, I dig the red!

  6. oh you are not alone, i like the different designs and color of those bags, would like to purchase for my mother, i'm sure she'll love it.

  7. I mostly have big bags, but I do have very small bags that I put inside my big bags, the small bags contain all the essentials that I have that must not be forgotten each time I change bags, sometimes, I wonder, why women keep on changing bags but i guess we do influence one another :)

  8. I do too, not that I have a lot but I prefer big ones over medium sized.

  9. My wife is a sucker for big shoppers bag, Eh, dalhin ba naman ang buong house namin. LOL Kidding aside those are nice bags.

  10. I so love BIG bags too!!!! And MNG is one of the top brands I would love to splurge on when the budget allows me to. Hahaha! My picks are the red and blue ones! :-)

  11. Like you I carry so many things in my bag whever I go :)
    Sometimes I even have an extra bag.

    Those bags you shared are so pretty! I honestly would love
    To have them all! :)

  12. I love big bags too. It certainly allows me to carry all the stuff I needed for the day. I don't have blue one yet so I'll go for the metal plate shopper bag.

  13. I don't know with women about liking and loving big bags. My mother, sisters and aunts have their collections of big bags and I can say they're all fashionable.


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