Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Bra for Different Occasions

Petite bras, for instance 34a sizes, have numerous choices that they can make when buying a bra. A bra that works well in the gym may be inadequate at the office. A bra made to accentuate curves for romantic interludes is not necessary for hanging around the house. Here are a few different styles of petite bras and how they can make each occasion special.

1. Soft Cups
soft cups now underwire bra

Petite bras with no underwire are perfect for days when you don’t need much support. If you’re spending time indoors just reading a good book or just want the look of a bra without necessarily rigid form, a soft cup can provide that structure. It is a comfortable style that is perfect for use in casual settings.

2. Push-up Bra

A push-up bra works great when you want a little extra cleavage to show for events like a formal dinner, prom, or a sexy dance night with your favorite guy. They can come in lacy and plain versions, depending on your taste. A push-up bra in a vibrant color can also be used with vests and lacy tops to show different layers of interest.

3. Sports Bra
sports bra
If you’re headed to the gym, the soft cups may not have enough support and the push-up bra is not appropriate. You will want an assortment of sports bras for sporting activities. They can help you look good while holding things firm where they count (Source: petite bra from Lula Lu).

4. Strapless Bra

This style of bra is perfect for the beach where tiny strapless tops are the norm. They can also do double-duty with elegant evening and formal party dresses that have that bare shoulder look. Luckily for petite women, a strapless bra may be easier to wear than for heavier frames.

5. Fashion Forms

What happens when you don’t want any cup at all? There are fashion forms available for the petite women for strategic cover that have no cup associated with them. They come in fanciful shapes and colors and can be used around the house, under t-shirts, or to spice up a flirty night of fun. Whatever type of occasion out there, there is probably a bra type to match. Have a few different sets for different occasions to keep your look as polished as possible.

Claire Pearl is the author of this article about bras for different occasion. She is petite bra designer and part-time model. Claire has collaborated with many lingerie companies to create a line for petite and special size women. Connect with her over at Google+ to learn more.

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