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Make a Bold Statement with a Gold Cuff Bracelet

Women will never have too many bags, shoes and jewelries. Jewelries have been used for thousand of years ago and before they symbolize social status and power but these days, wearing jewelries are already part of every woman's outfit.

For women with discerning taste, wearing a gold cuff bracelet will always be her top choice when it comes to picking a jewelry. A drab outfit can instantly be uplifted just by wearing a statement cuff bracelet that can draw attention. Cuff bracelets are not only meant to be worn on formal occasion that matches a formal attire because this piece of jewelry is also very versatile.

From casual, semi-formal and formal dressing, cuff bracelet will no doubt make  any woman's attire look fab, elegant and glamorous. Cuff bracelets may come in various styles that will suit your style and budget. Some of these styles have stones, crystals and other accents. It's easy to wear and there are heaps of contemporary designs that are available on various stores. Styles may vary from simple cuff accentuated by a statement jewel, strips of gold entangled together to make an interesting design and/or a zigzag pattern of various sizes as well that can match any woman's wrist. It's a no fuzz jewelry that every woman would want to wearing over and over.

When you want to buy this kind of bracelet, always make sure to check out various stores for you can always find affordable ones that are not too far behind from designer's brands when it comes to quality. You can find cuff bracelets for as low as $20 to $400 each depending if it's real gold or just a gold plated one.

Check out these gold cuff bracelet and I'm sure they will make a bold statement and make you feel like a queen.

Gold Cuffs

Adia Kibur bracelet
($24) 1,040 PHP -

Melinda Maria feather cuff bracelet
(£114) 7,950 PHP -

Vince Camuto bracelet
($148) 6,415 PHP -

Elie Tahari filigree cuff bracelet
(£51) 2,815 PHP -

ASOS bracelet
(£7.50) 550 PHP -

K LLER COLLECTION gold tone cuff bracelet
( $360) 15,600 PHP -

Stella Dot bracelet
($79) 3,425 PHP -

Masonic Jewelry : A Symbol of Brotherhood

At first, I was baffled when I heard about masonic jewelry, so I made a very brief research about it.  Freemasonry according to is a secret society or organization that had their own tradition, rituals, signs and symbols. It's a brotherhood organization that dates back to 17th century and if you're a member you'll be proud to wear one of those masonic rings that can symbolize brotherhood. These rings symbolizes you're a part of the group and proud to be one. Famous members are Julius Ceasar, Michaelangelo and lots more. I even heard that Obama is a member as well.

Just some of the many masonic rings that you can find these days and each ring can distinguish the social standing of a member.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 of the Most Successful Beauty Brands on the Market

There are plenty of big name beauty brands out there for women to choose from today. Some specialize in anti-aging products while others focus more on makeup, fragrances, or skin-clearing products. But the vast majority of them know that they should not put all of their eggs in one basket, and that is why they offer a variety of different product lines to keep women looking and feeling beautiful, from products that rejuvenate the skin to those that are focused on delivering shine and vitality to even the driest hair.

No matter what, though, there are a select few brands who have found a high level of success in an industry that is saturated with competition. Continue reading to learn about five of the most successful beauty brands today.
5 of the Most Successful Beauty Brands on the Market


When most women think of Olay, they think of a brand that has outstanding anti-aging products. This US-based brand is consistently recognized as one of the best when it comes to providing women with a variety of skincare lines to improve the look and tone of every skin type. Their products are said to work as well as the most expensive products out there, but they are much more affordable so they are accessible by women of all income levels as well. It is no surprise, then, that in 2013, Forbes listed Olay as the number 1 beauty company, thereby holding onto the number 1 spot since 2012 while watching profits soar.


L'Oreal is a multi-billion dollar company based in France that is extremely popular not only for its makeup lines but also for its skincare products, hair care products, fragrances, and more. In fact, it is considered the world's largest beauty company, and it also owns a variety of other brands, ranging from The Body Shop to Diesel, Lancôme, and many more.


Neutrogena provides products for women of all ages, from cosmetics that can make you look and feel beautiful to skincare products that can help clear up acne. The US-based brand is also worth several billion dollars, making it one of the best in the industry. It even manufactures products specifically geared towards men's skincare needs.


If you have ever been approached by an Avon saleswoman, you are definitely familiar with the brand, which caters to women's needs for great beauty products, fragrances, skincare products, accessories, and more. An Avon representative can help a woman find the perfect foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows, and more, so one of the things that differentiates this brand from others is its ability to really work directly with customers to meet their expectations.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is yet another US-based, multi-billion dollar company that has been successful for many years and is still going strong. With great leaders, such as William Lauder, the company has been able to be at the top of its game since its founding in 1946. The company provides women around the world with high quality skincare products, hair care products, fragrances, and makeup.

Annie Clarence is a freelance health and beauty blogger who loves staying on top of what the biggest names in the beauty industry are up to. From Estee Lauder to Olay, she has tried myriad high-quality products from these companies and is not surprised that they are the top selling brands out there.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

Every woman should have at least 1 or 2 dresses in her closet for dresses can really bring out the femininity of a woman. We have seen lace clothing before mostly on wedding dresses but these days, lace has become part of any woman's closet. From lace blouse to skirts and of course lace dresses. Lace materials have come a long way now, they are now incorporated with various cloth materials like silk,  polyester, cotton and more to bring out fresh new look and style.

Designers have been designing various lace dresses that can compliment every woman's body shapes and bring out their sense of style. We have seen various styles of lace dresses and it can be  in a form of pleated style, bonded, figure hugging, skater dress with lace overlay, and other styles. They can be perfect for evening and daily wear as you can dress it up or down depending on your mood or the event. The lace dresses are elegant and feminine and will always bring out the chicness in you.

Here are 6 lace dresses that are under $100. I personally love that Almari lilac dress (bottom right) that has fit and flare shape that can give a nice curve silhouette that any woman wants.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

River Island dress
($89) 2,425 PHP -

Traffic People dress
($98) 4,260 PHP -

Lipsy dress
(£48) 3,330 PHP -

($89) 3,865 PHP -

Sugarhill Boutique teal dress
(£58) 4,020 PHP -

Almari lilac dress
(£62) 4,300 PHP -

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Smart Shoppers Use Coupon Codes

Every consumer wants to save on their purchases and that is why a lot of us scour different racks or stores hoping to find bargain or discounted items.
Going to the grocery these days with only few bucks on your hand may only sent you home with few grocery items. Commodities keep on getting pricier each day and consumers need to tighten their belts from time to time.

One of the many ways on how to stretch your grocery budget is by using coupons. Most penny pinching moms will take time cutting coupons on magazines and make good strategies on how they can lower their grocery bills. Not only that, these days you can actually print out coupons from coupon websites that you can use on your next grocery. Those that are patient in cutting or printing coupons can save more on their purchases as oppose to those that buy items on regular price.

If you’re an online shopper, using online coupons when you shop can also save you a lot of money if you also know where to find those coupon codes. GroupOn, Retail Me Not, Living Social, Coupon and Slick Deals are just some of the coupon websites where you can get grocery/printable and online coupon codes on various items on many stores online.

The infographic below states that almost 80% of consumers use coupons when they shop and it clearly shows that consumers want to save money when they shop. So the next time you hit the grocery or shop online, don't forget to look for coupons. Nothing beats a shopper who knows how to find a good deal.


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New Products to Obsess Over at Sephora

Can you believe it, it's less than 100 days more and it's Christmas time once again. I know not many of you have started making a Christmas list but for others who wanted to start early and not want to experience the last minute Christmas shopping, making a list is the best.

Here are some new products that are now available at Sephora. You see, there are heaps of products that you can consider to buy especially if you start browsing early.

New Products to Obsess Over at Sephora

Bobbi Brown Katie and Bobbi Pallette for $68 while Marc Jacobs Lip Gel for $30 each - perfect for your girl friends who loves nothing but the best in cosmetics

Jimmy Choo not only creates beautiful shoes but you can also feel glamorous with this JIMMY CHOO Flash for $75.

10 Creative Costume Ideas for Teens

Creative teens can have lots of fun designing, making and customising creative costumes this Halloween. Take your favourite film or tv character, celebrity or inspiration and add your own unique touch to your costume. Find a local craft store and paint, glue, sew, and create items to personalise your costume and make it stand out this Halloween! Let your imagination run wild, nothing is too extravagant for Halloween.

While teens might not be keen on trick or treating anymore, an elaborate costume for halloween parties is a definite must. Visit Spirit Halloween for costume ideas!

    1. Favourite film/cartoon characters. Dressing as your favourite movie character is a great way to make a creative costume that fits the year. It will make for a memorable reminder over the years.

Favourite film/cartoon characters costumes

            1. Twilight: Pick you team Edward v Jacob for the ultimate classic Halloween characters. Dress as a vampire or warewolf in this popular teen series. Make your costume change between their human and supernatural personas.

            2. Harry Potter: customise your Harry Potter costume by finding witch and wizard inspired items, gothic jewellery. Colour your costumes to match your house colours, make your own wand, accessorise your wig or hair with fake spiders, cobwebs, ornaments, feathers, potion bottles etc..

            3. Celeb Disasters: Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears.  Pick your favourite Hollywood train wreck and make a costume to suit their latest exploits!

            4. Ghosts of famous dead people. Elvis Ghosts, Presidents, Pop Stars and famous inventors. Make your own props that reflect the invention of the person you’re dressing as.

            5. Inanimate objects. These costumes are often the most challenging to create. Making a costume out of a box, plastic, metal or fabric.

            6. Pop stars. Pop stars are some of the most outlandish and recognised people on the planet, so you’re sure to be instantly recognised dressed as your favourite ground-breaking pop star. Lady Gaga is surely a fabulous teen inspiration for Halloween. Take your favourite Gags costume as a starting point. Take on the challenge to replicate a design with your own materials, or

            7. Teen Superheroes. Add a teen/young adult twist to your favourite movie or comic superhero. For ideas try favourite Disney characters, cartoon characters, or the classic superheroes like Batman and Superman and customise the costumes, colours and props to suit your personality.

            8. Gory Zombie. For those who have made zombie costumes year after year, there is always the challenge of making something really extreme. Get to your local Halloween costume store and find fake blood, limbs, brains and body paint to customise your look this year. Google zombie images and be amazed by the makeup transformations the professionals can create. Choose a look you like and interpret it as best you can. The aim is not to copy an idea to perfection, but to create your own take on a design.Zombie Costumes

            9. Group Costumes. Get a group of friends together and go as the members of your favourite rock band, or the sports stars of your favourite sports team. The possibilities to customise your costume are endless. Use your school or college team colours, mascot, or logo as design inspirations.

Group Costumes

Have fun creating your costumes with your friends! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Spirit are your one-stop shop for everything Halloween, from freaky and fun costumes for adults and kids, through to hats, masks, accessories and oodles of spooky fun.

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Trending Types of Pump Shoes

Trending Types of Pump Shoes
Pump shoes are among the most common and popular types of shoes worn by many women. They are also the most difficult types of shoes to define. They can be described as closed back shoes, with their front being low-cut hitting close to the toes that at the top of the foot. Classic pump shoes have a vamp, which is seamless, are unlaced, unbuckled, and also unstrapped. However, there are other silhouettes that have ankle straps, Mary Jane straps, or t-straps. These shoes can also have the toes open, pointy, round, almond, and square or peep. Their heels can be of any height. There are a number of types, which include the following:

The Classic Pump
These are usually made from patent or natural leather material and normally are available in many colors and are an ideal type of shoe for everyday duties. Classic pump shoes are usually worn for various occasions including work, a night out in the town, or in casual gatherings, which require that the participants wear semi casual clothes. Their heels are usually between three and five inches high and the front design is a closed toe.

Open-Toe Pump
Open-Toe Pump
Open-Toe pumps usually are open at the front where the toes are exposed. Similar to the classic pumps, their heels measure between 3 inches and five inches. Some also have open sides. This is not an ideal type of shoe to be worn casual events. They are most suitable for the places of work where the type of attire required is semi-professional.

Sling-Back Pump
Sling-Back PumpOne characteristic that identifies the sling-back pumps is the leather straps, which are usually located around the back and the top of the ankle. These pumps are usually worn in semi casual gatherings and also in places of work. The sling-back pump can be designed with open sides or open toes. Again, the height of the sling-back heels usually measure from three inches to five inches.

Kitten Heel Pump
A kitten heel is usually slender and is commonly found on sandals. However, these heels can also be made on pumps. The size of these heels is slightly smaller than the previously mentioned pumps. They measure between one and a half inches to two inches. These heels were invented in the mid twentieth century and their popularity was attributed to their usage by actress Audrey Hepburn.

High-Heel Pump
High-Heel Pump Shoes
This is the most common and also the most worn type of pump worn. Their heels are the highest of all the pumps type of shoes with the height measuring from four inches to eight inches. They are the ideal type of shoes for a night out or dinner dates. They are usually designed with various types of jewelry or they may be etched. They are of the open toe type and the heels may be thick or thin. High-heeled pumps are usually suitable with dresses but they are not appropriate for the place of work.

The different types of pumps can also be worn with different types of socks such as the knee-high socks, ankle socks, lace socks, and thigh-high socks. It is important to consider the size of heels one is comfortable with before wearing pumps to avoid tripping over.

Sasithon Bella is the cool in The Kewl Shop, a place to find things you really want. She knows a good thing when she sees it and is proud to let you know too!

Hip and Fashionable Rainboots that are Ready for the Rain

This rainy season is making me crazy! The non-stop rain coupled with floods are keeping me confined at home most of the times. Rainy days are gloomy and sometimes depressing for many but it's also a great time to stay at the house to rest, read your fave book, sip a warm chocolate or coffee, play Candy Crush, update your blog, sleep, or even think about what to wear the next day.

Some fashionistas are unstoppable even if it's raining and muddy outside. I believe some are even excited to go out so that they can show off their new coat and fashionable rainboots with different colors and patterns. It's also practical to wear plastic sandals/shoes and rainboots because they are waterproof and can easily be washed with water. I'm sure you don't want your pumps or fave shoes drained in flood waters or mud.

Found these cute rainboots at

Hip and Fashionable Rainboots that are Ready for the RainSavanna Php2,250.00 / Alexis Php2,250.00

Hip and Fashionable Rainboots that are Ready for the RainPuppy Love Php2,399.00 / Berry Stripey Php1,200.00

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4 Ways To Colour Your Hair Without Using Chemicals

4 Ways To Colour Your Hair Without Using Chemicals

Natural Hair Dye Methods

Everybody changes their hair colour now and again, often accompanied by a new haircut, or done simply to cover some unwanted grey or white hairs. Many people do not exactly know the chemicals used in hair dyes, however nobody really wants to use things that can be damaging to their health.

Why Should You Use Natural Hair Dye

Using natural hair dye is the safest way to colour your hair without receiving harmful effects such as allergic reactions, respiratory disorders, and even cancer. Some hair dyes can be marked ‘natural’, but do in fact contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, and even PPD. PDD contains a very harmful toxin that can cause an allergic reaction.

How Does Natural Hair Dye Work?

Natural hair dyes work progressively, over a period of time, although some more potent hair dyes, such as walnuts and coffee, can work almost immediately. Natural hair dyes usually need to be used more than once to obtain a consistent desired result, although some ingredients can work almost immediately.

Options For Natural Hair Dye

There are a couple of options useful for naturally dyeing your hair, most of which work quite well. These include lemons, walnuts, coffee, and vegetable juice.

    • Lemons help to lighten or add highlights to hair, and are used an effective natural bleach. It works more slowly for people with darker hair, however its effectiveness can be intensified by exposing hair to sunlight.

    • The use of walnuts is a more popular way to colour hair. By using walnut hulls and walnut powders, you are able to dye your hair quite easily. Crush walnut hulls down and coat them with boiling water, leaving them for three days. Alternatively, add a few tablespoons of black walnut powder, into boiled water. To achieve a darker colour, allow the mixture to soak for a couple of hours longer than you usually would.

    • Coffee is a more generally used to darken the hair. The effect is created by allowing the coffee to seep into your hair and then rinsing or dipping certain parts of your hair you wish to darken.

Natural juices such as beet and carrot can be used to add red tints to your hair colour.?

They work separately or together, and as often as necessary to reach the colour you want. Beet juice hair dye is a great way to create a strawberry blonde colour, and works more effectively after leaving the dye in for around 60 minutes.

Testing Natural Hair Dyes

Before testing out any of these natural hair dyes, it is advisable to test one, or all of them, on a small section or simple strand of your hair. Make sure you find out how your natural hair dye will react with a previously used chemical hair dye, in case of a bad reaction.

If you're more about just your natural hair colour but can't seem to get it thick enough or full enough check out websites like or other hair loss clinics to regain that mane and if you want to change colours stick with all these natural hair colours to keep your hair healthy.

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The Art of Online Shopping

I know many of you love shopping and that includes me. Most of the times, I browse the net hoping to find a great deal on various products or even services on various online stores. Shopping online for many has become part of their lives. Why not? Shopping in your jammies at the comfort of your homes using your computer is very convenient and easier for a lot of consumers who has limited time to go out to physical store to buy a gift or something that they need. Others shop online because they can get best deals on shopping that they would not normally get on local stores.

Online shopping has become a trend these days and there's no doubt that more consumers will find it more fitting as more and more stores add up stocks and offer more discounts and deals to their clients.

Looking at the stats below, I was impressed that in 2016 there will be an estimate of USD361.9 million of online spending.

Source Site

With the emergence of various popular online stores like Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy and more that are offering various products at a good prices and quality, I will not wonder anymore if people will continue to patronage these stores and stick to online shopping most of the times.

Coupon sites like Retail Me Not, Coupon Mom etc. have been sharing various online coupon codes that we can use on our online shopping. Getting discounts while we shop is something all consumers would like to get and these sites are very helpful especially for bargain hunters and penny pinchers who'd like to save money.

Aside from checking comparison sites to know various prices of an item from different stores online, it's always best to scour for coupon codes before even checking out your items.

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Halloween Costumes for your Pets

Halloween is just around the corner once again and I'm sure most of you are looking for Halloween costumes for yourself and for your kids. But, what about for your little furry friends? I'm sure they will look cute wearing Halloween costumes as well. Our pets are already part of the family and most families also bring them while trick or treating in the neighborhood as well. They will certainly add fun and cuteness to this well celebrated event each year.

There are various Halloween costumes for pets that I found at and here are some of them. Halloween costumes need not to be scary and creepy all the time because cute costumes can win the hearts of many.

Your pets may not look happy sometimes but they are certainly oh sooooooo cute! Find more handmade Halloween Pet Costumes at Etsy.

Halloween Costumes for your PetsFurry Brown Dog Halloween Costume/Hood $39.00


Cat Hat Costume - The Flying PurpleCat Hat Costume - The Flying Purple $17.00

What about you, are you joining Halloween costume party this year? What theme do you have in mind?

Smart Online Shopping Tips

Shopping has never been the same since the evolution of the Internet. Shopping became easier and faster because even at the comforts of your home anyone can shop for products that they love. It can save us time and money to go out to buy something. Browsing through the catalogue with photos, details and prices of produts consumers have all the options to buy what they like at various online stores.
Smart Online Shopping TipsOnline shopping has its advantages and disadvantages as well and as a consumer we should always be conscious about our every transactions we made most especially if it is done online. Shopping online can be easy and convenient but we need to be smart while doing our shopping.

Be On-Guard
There are numerous stores online but how can we be sure if they are legit or not. Finding a legit store can be daunting especially for first time online shoppers. Always search online and see if there are reviews about a particular store. Beware of bogus stores proliferating on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites as well. Also, don't give your credit card and Paypal details to anyone and as much as possible avoid clicking doubtful links on your email from unknown sender or posing as emails from Paypal or your credit card company.

Compare Prices
If you have some time, why not check various stores and compare their prices. Why buy a certain product that is more expensive when you can get them at a lower price at a different store? There are actually sites where you can check prices of items from different store in the Internet. This can also save you time comparing prices.

Look for Bargains and Deals
A lot of online stores are offering discounts or sale to their customers so be aware of these offers. Much better if you can subscribe to their newsletters so you’ll be ahead of the promos and their new products.

Promo Codes and Coupons
Every consumer can save ample amount of money when you can always use promo codes and coupons when you shop. Be sure to check out codes on various coupon sites and even at your fave online store. It’s like hitting a jackpot when you get can a good discount on your purchase.

Read Reviews
Shoppers can always read reviews about products that they wish to buy. There are many bloggers or product reviewers that give their honest opinion and views and this can also help consumers.

Also, check out various online resource for finding information and insights about products and services and it can make your shopping much easier as well. If you are looking for a certain product, saving tips and tricks or even online dating safety tips, browsing online even if it will take you hours surfing can be beneficial in the end.

Enjoy shopping but don’t forget to be smart and cautious as well!

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Colorful Shopper Bags on Sale at Mango

I don't know about you but I love big bags!

I do like carrying lots of stuff inside my bag eventhough I'm not sure if I'm going to use all of them when I go out. Making sure that I have lots of tissue, my medicines, powder, extra foldable shopping bag, umbrella, phone, digi-cam and some of my kikay stuff. I guess I have my whole closet (lol) inside my bag that I carry esp. when I go to the city or long distance traveling. You'd not see me without a bag even when I go to the grocery or just going to withdraw some cash at the ATM, this time smaller bag of course is necessary.

Since I love to carry big bags, a shopper bag fits my bag style. As you can see, a shopper bag has a wide mouth or opening 2 handles for comfort. The opening can either have   magnetic button fastening or a zipper opening . I'd prefer the latter as it can be more secure when carrying.

These types of bags are spacious and light weight depending on the material used. But mostly soft leather, faux leather, canvass, cotton and nylon materials are used.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="387"] Maroon Studded shopper bag - PhpP1,950[/caption]

Would really love to have this studded shopper bag that costs Php1,950.00. The only thing that's hindering me from buying this is that it has no zipper fastening on top that makes it not secure (for me) when I go to the malls. You know there are many pickpockets in the metro so carrying this would mean an invitation for them to pickpocket. Yay! Also, I don't want to be conscious  checking my bag all the time if my wallet or phone are still inside because it has no zipper but some bags bellow have zippers though.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="387"] Metal plate shopper bag = Php 1,250.00[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"] Cotton Shopper Bag from Php1,250 >>>>Php595 (-52%)[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"] Bicolor shopper Php 1,250.00[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"] Cotton shopper bag
From: Php1,750
Now: Php795 (-55%)[/caption]

Get them at: MANGO

What about you, what type of bags do you always buy and why?

A Bra for Different Occasions

Petite bras, for instance 34a sizes, have numerous choices that they can make when buying a bra. A bra that works well in the gym may be inadequate at the office. A bra made to accentuate curves for romantic interludes is not necessary for hanging around the house. Here are a few different styles of petite bras and how they can make each occasion special.

1. Soft Cups
soft cups now underwire bra

Petite bras with no underwire are perfect for days when you don’t need much support. If you’re spending time indoors just reading a good book or just want the look of a bra without necessarily rigid form, a soft cup can provide that structure. It is a comfortable style that is perfect for use in casual settings.

2. Push-up Bra

A push-up bra works great when you want a little extra cleavage to show for events like a formal dinner, prom, or a sexy dance night with your favorite guy. They can come in lacy and plain versions, depending on your taste. A push-up bra in a vibrant color can also be used with vests and lacy tops to show different layers of interest.

3. Sports Bra
sports bra
If you’re headed to the gym, the soft cups may not have enough support and the push-up bra is not appropriate. You will want an assortment of sports bras for sporting activities. They can help you look good while holding things firm where they count (Source: petite bra from Lula Lu).

4. Strapless Bra

This style of bra is perfect for the beach where tiny strapless tops are the norm. They can also do double-duty with elegant evening and formal party dresses that have that bare shoulder look. Luckily for petite women, a strapless bra may be easier to wear than for heavier frames.

5. Fashion Forms

What happens when you don’t want any cup at all? There are fashion forms available for the petite women for strategic cover that have no cup associated with them. They come in fanciful shapes and colors and can be used around the house, under t-shirts, or to spice up a flirty night of fun. Whatever type of occasion out there, there is probably a bra type to match. Have a few different sets for different occasions to keep your look as polished as possible.

Claire Pearl is the author of this article about bras for different occasion. She is petite bra designer and part-time model. Claire has collaborated with many lingerie companies to create a line for petite and special size women. Connect with her over at Google+ to learn more.

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Four Ways To Remove Excess Facial Hair

Excess facial hair can be quite a nuisance and to make it even more annoying, it's common among young and old women. Hormonal imbalances and genetics are often to blame. Whatever the cause may be, there is a need to get rid of them (unless you want an eyebrow stitch or a lip mustache).

There are several ways to remove excess facial hair. With certain methods, there is a chance that, over time, the hair growth may decrease or even stop altogether.

4 methods to remove excess facial hair

Hair Removal Creams
Hair removal creams are a very basic way to remove excess hair on face. You apply one over the area with excess hairs, let the cream remain on the skin for a specified number of minutes (five to ten minutes at most) and then remove it.

This removes hairs in a pain free manner, but the solution may last no more than two to five days at the most because hairs can grow back soon. Also, certain creams can have harsh chemicals in them that can cause damage to your skin, so it is advisable that you get a cream from a reputed company and test it on a small area of your skin before applying it on the whole.

Cosmetic Laser Surgery
This is a more long lasting option for you to try. Cosmetic laser surgery removes hair and incapacitates hair follicles, which stops them from letting the hair grow back.

However, it can have limitations when it comes to safety of equipment. Companies relying on Medlaser Depot or any other certified supplier are going to be a better option. This is because most of their equipment comes from suppliers who are aware about progression of technology, and supply well-rounded equipment that are safe to use on the patient.

This method involves using a thread to pluck out individual hair. The pain level on this solution is medium to high; however, it does the job quite well. Threading will ensure a removal of hair and keep your skin smooth and hairless for up to four to six weeks.

Threading involves no chemical usage or any other aspect to affect your skin negatively. The only thing to look out for is some redness on the skin that fades after a few minutes.

Waxing is a common way of removing facial or even body hairs. This way of hair removal is one service that is popularly available at most salons. You can also try this method on your own with waxing kits.

Waxing kit is preferred as the frugal option as salon waxing services can be expensive. However, you have to be a little cautious in its use as wax can hurt your skin if used along with a strong exfoliator.

Choosing a method that suits you best is a process of trial and error. It also requires for you to act according to the skin type you have. If you know your skin is sensitive, then it's probably best to steer away from hair removal creams and perhaps even waxing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Victoria Beckham is one of the many fashionistas and designers that many women would like to imitate. Her sense of fashion is style is classic and chic and she doesn't even need to wear so outrageous and out of this world clothing just to be noticed and admired.

Victoria just recently launched her Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2014 Collection in New York Fashion Week and her collection is mostly black and white.

Just some of the ready-to-wear clothes in her collection.
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3 Must Have’s When Going to a Polo Match

Polo is a high speed team sport involving players on horseback striking a ball toward the opposing team's goal. Although the sport's exact origin is unknown, polo has enjoyed a successful history with the first recorded tournament held in 600 BC. Fortunately, for people that want to experience what a polo match is like today, here are 3 must haves when attending:

1. Hat

If you are attending a polo match on a bright and sunny day, having a hat handy will help protect your scalp, eyes, and face. Fortunately, there are plenty of styles and colors available to help you find the perfect hat to fit your preference. However, it may be beneficial to avoid oversized hats that can potentially block other people's view of the playing field.

Since polo matches are held outside, it is important that you dress for any type of weather to ensure that you are comfortable and healthy. The styles you see will vary since some people attend matches in jeans while others focus on high fashion. However, if you are attending a tournament or charity event, you should dress up appropriately.

2. Bag

For polo players, choosing the right bag is a must for carrying their gear around in comfort. In fact, just some of the types of bags available include:

  • Polo mallet bags

  • Polo boots bags

  • Polo helmet bags

  • Polo team bags

  • Polo carry-all bags

Fortunately, you don't need to be a polo player to enjoy polo gear bag. For example, a La Martina bag is a popular accessory for spectators because of its functional design. Whether you want to use it as an oversized purse to a polo match or a gear bag for another sport, polo gear bags are handy.

It should be noted that most polo clubs open the matches for public viewing on weekends. All you need to do to enjoy a match is bring a lawn chair and pack your gear bag with a blanket. To ensure that you are even more comfortable, be sure to pack refreshments and snacks. Yet, always dispose of your trash properly to be respectful toward the environment and people around you.

 3. Binoculars

Since polo matches are fast and played on large fields, it can be difficult to keep up with the action. Whenever possible, you should focus your efforts on watching the ball and players clustered around it. Unfortunately, if you are seated on the opposite end of the field away from the action, it can be difficult to see what's going on.

To keep up with the action at a polo match, you should bring along a pair of binoculars. Although you can buy binoculars for around $15 or so, they may not be of the best quality. Higher quality binoculars typically fall anywhere between $30 to $2,500.

Going to a polo match can be a great way to spend the day out. With these 3 must haves, you can make the most of the experience and develop a passion for the sport with less stress.

Adam Jenson is a polo player. He frequently writes about how to be properly equipped for a polo match on sport blogs.

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