Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Never Too Early to Think ABout Christmas

Few more days and it's going to be September already!

I'm not sure if many of you will be excited when "BER" months (September, October, November and December) come in. Here's in our country, as soon as September steps in, you can already see some TV shows playing Christmas songs, sets clad with Christmas trees adorned with rice lights and various Christmas decors and even having a countdown till Christmas. It may sound crazy but for us it's already a way to start waiting for Christmas.

This year, I am particularly excited for my sisters overseas will be coming home. With all of them coming home, I'm expecting a lot of activities that will go with it. Actually, I'm already thinking of what gifts to give to some of my nephews/nieces whom I have not seen for many years. I might have to ask them later on what they want so I will have a clue on what to get for them.

It's always never too early to think about Christmas for Christmas is always festive and fun.

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