Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to be a Smart Shopper

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Shopping can be a lot of fun especially if you have lots of money to spend for all the things that your heart desires. However, there are times that we still have the urge to shop even though we know that we have limited resources and really don’t need to shop in the first place. Others make it a hobby but in the end they realize that hobby or form some 'obsession' can really cripple their finances and the way they control themselves in terms of shopping.

I has some issues before when it comes to shopping because I failed to think twice but I have learned my lessons now. Here are some tips on how to become a smart shopper.

Stick with your Budget
Creating a list of items that you need and that you want to buy. Need and want are two different things, so you need to prioritize what you really need at the moment. Don’t buy anything on your want list unless you have a budget for that.

Don’t Bring your Credit Card/s all the time
Using a credit card to buy things can be a little dangerous most especially if you have no self control. Try bringing cash at times and see how it can affect your buying powers. Sometimes when you have your credit card with you, you tend to buy things that you will not buy when you have cash in the first place.

Check out Deals and Sales
There’s no harm in being a penny pincher because you want your money’s worth. Most of the times you can really find good items on sale section and it can really save you a lot.

Check the labels
Scrutinize the items thoroughly as much as possible and be sure you get the correct size, color, and other specification that you really need. Doing so, you can avoid returning or replacing the items.

Lastly, don’t give in too much when you see SALE signs for it can only temp you to shop eventhough you have no more budget. For me, I stay from going to malls as much as possible for I have the tendency to shop just for the sake of shopping.

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