Thursday, August 22, 2013

Handbag Color Trends Sure to Keep You Looking Hot Year Round

One Bag for Every Season
A killer pair of shoes, a go-to little black dress, jeans that hug your curves perfectly – and that perfect bag that goes with everything – fashion basics form the staple of your wardrobe. Getting the right handbag is especially important, since you’ll probably be carrying it every day.  After all, once you set your bag up the way you want it, why would you want to go through the hassle of trying to fit everything into a new handbag?

The right handbag for you will depend on several factors – there is no “one size fits all ” handbag for every woman. Of course, your budget will be a major factor. Your personal style, location and how you intend to use the handbag will also impact your decision.

A Classic Black Clutch
Are you a fan of timeless classics? Is your wardrobe filled with straight skirts, white silk blouses, and graduated pearls? A classic black clutch may be just the right choice to carry you from work to evening. The clutch is a perfect match for your business-worthy black or gray suit, but dresses up to look just-right with your sexy LBD.  If you carry a briefcase or business bag, your clutch slips into the bag to be out of the way while remaining readily accessible.

A Bold, Red Cross-Body Bag
You are fashion forward. You love all the latest trends but you have your own unique look.  No ordinary “goes with everything” handbag will be adequate for you. A bold cross-body bag in a primary color like red or sunny yellow is an ideal choice. Even if the handbag doesn’t “match” every outfit in your wardrobe, it will broadcast your image as a trend-spotter and a trend setter.

Neutral Black or Brown Leather Mid-Size Bag
If your budget is limited, a brown or black leather mid-size bag allows you to have one bag that truly does look good with nearly every outfit. Invest in the best quality leather and workmanship that you can afford; spending a few dollars now will save you money in  the long run, because the bag  will continue to look great for years to come.

A Multi-Tasking Tote
Are you a practical, no-nonsense type? If your wardrobe is filled with jeans, flats, sweaters, t-shirts and no-fuss skirts, perhaps the right handbag for you is not a handbag at all.  A utilitarian backpack is great if you are a student, but not so great for the office or for an evening out. Why not try a multi-tasking tote, either in leather or canvas?  The look fits well with your no-nonsense style, but can also be dressed up for those occasions when you want to look a bit more polished.

A Spare Bag
Once you find that just-right bag, you may consider purchasing two at the same time, if your budget will allow it. Sometimes manufacturers discontinue certain styles. Or you may have a mishap that causes damage to the bag.  If you’ve purchased a second bag, you can transfer the contents from your worn or damaged bag to your new bag with a minimum of fuss.

Sophie Smith enjoys passing on her fashion and style tips online. Her articles mainly appear on lifestyle blogs.

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