Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Suits Your Groomsmen Will Love

When you are planning out your wedding, you need to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect suits for your groomsmen. This is basically like looking for your decorations. The groomsmen are going to be part of the ceremony and the reception, and they all need to look their best. On top of that, they need to have suits that match the theme or the colors of the wedding. This makes everything look like it was planned out well in advance. It helps to create the perfect atmosphere that you need to have on your wedding day to make it really special.

The first step should be deciding on a style and a color. Go look at a number of different suits with your bride-to-be. Bring along one of the dresses, if she already has them, that the bridesmaids are going to wear. This will help you to choose a suit that matches the colors and the style of the dresses. You need everyone to look great together, not just on their own. If she does not have the dresses yet, you could consider getting the suits that you like and then looking for matching dresses, though it is often easier to do things the other way around.
Getting Suits Your Groomsmen Will Love
There are a few choices that you can make about how you want to incorporate the colors. For example, even if your main color is green, you probably do not want everyone to wear green suits. However, it would look very sharp if your groomsmen all had white suits with green undershirts. You could also be even more subtle and give them black suits, white undershirts, and green ties. You should at least look at all of these combinations when you are in the rental shop so that you know you are getting the style that you like the most.

As far as shoes and belts are concerned, you have some options here as well. You could choose to rent them along with the suits at some shops. At others, you may have to buy them separately. Many groomsman just wear the nicest dress shoes that they own, or they borrow some from a brother or father, rather than buying them since they may not wear them again. Therefore, if you want all of the shoes to match just like the bridesmaids' shoes do, you are best off to rent them as part of the whole package.

Most wedding suit rentals need to be made long before the wedding - typically, you have to do this weeks or even months in advance. The suits are not already going to be in stock, at least not in the numbers that you need them. The larger your party, the more time you need to provide so that all of the right suits can be ordered. Do not put this off until the last minute, or you may not be able to get them in time, and you will have to settle for something else.

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