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Do You Know Different Styles of Skirts? Here are Some most Common Styles

Do You Know Different Styles of Skirts? Here are Some most Common StylesWhen it comes to buying women's skirts, keeping up with all the trending styles can get confusing. It seems like there's a new fashion fad hitting the market every other day. Skirts are quite the popular staple in women's apparel because they are so very versatile. They can be easily mixed and matched with any number of shirts and blouses to create different look each time they are worn. If you are looking to add a few new women's skirts to your wardrobe, but are not sure where to start – don't worry. We are going to highlight some of the most common styles of women's skirts and how each one is different from the other.

A-line Skirts

A-line skirts get their name from the way they are made – in the shape of the letter “A”. They are made to fit snug at the waist, hips and thighs before flaring out into a wider, fuller shape at the hem. Some A-line skirts have added flare at the bottom or even pleats. However, most of them are fairly straight down in their design. A-line skirts can come in any length, but the hemline generally falls just below the knee.

Flared Skirts

Flared skirts are, basically, A-line skirts with lots more flare added at the hem. They get their name from the way they 'flare' out at the bottom. Flared skirts, just like A-line skirts, fit snug at the top and through the hips, but are made to have lots of movement and swing in the hemline when you walk. They can be short or long, but for the most flare and flounce, go with the longer ones.
Do You Know Different Styles of Skirts? Here are Some most Common StylesStraight Skirts

Straight skirts are just what their name implies – skirts that are cut to fit straight down the body from top to bottom. An example of a straight skirt would be the ever popular pencil skirt. They can be very flattering to long, slender frames as well.

Circle Skirts

Circle skirts are super fun to wear. They are cut in a circle shape so that when you spin and twirl, the skirt flares out around you in a full circle design. Circle skirts are usually super full in their design and form a half circle shape whenever you hold the edges of the hem out to your sides. They are perfect for dancing during a night on the town or just for when you want to feel like a little girl again as you twirl and spin as your skirt flies around you.

Mermaid Skirts

Mermaid skirts get their name from the way their shape resembles a mermaid's lower body. The skirt is quite snug from the hips all the way past the knee where the hem flares out between the ankle and knee to create the fin shape.


Sarongs really are not skirts, but are worn like them. They are actually large pieces of rectangular fabric that is wrapped around the body to create a skirt and then fastened off some way at the hip.

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