Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bug Jewelry Trend

A simple or dowdy attire can become fun and fabulous when you know how to accessorize. A simple dress or plain looking blouse can be accentuated with a necklace, brooch, a stunning bracelet, statement earring or a pin. Always choose a piece that will also suit your taste and personality for you entire look will shine if you are also confident.

Jewelries have been making women feel more fashionable and chic. This bug jewelry trend is hitting the fashion scene and those little creatures that often times being called creepy by some can be seen beautiful in jewelry pieces such as the lady bug, dragonfly and more. Always try fun and colorful pieces that will match your outfit for the day.

Found these cute little creatures online and I just love how designers made each piece unique and intricate.

Bug Jewelry Trend

Image Source:

1. Kate Spade new york Unwanted Visitors Winged Bug Bangle -
2. AZ Collection Ladybug Pin - 4,470 PHP ($102) -
3. Betsey Johnson Iconic Ladybug Earring- 1,095 PHP ($25) -
4. London Road Kew Bugs 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Detail Dragonfly Pendant- 23,990 PHP (£350) -

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