Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Women Need to Wear a Dress

Lately, I found myself wanting to wear dresses. Actually, I was going through some stores in our place in search of dresses that I can wear during Sunday mass and some for quick errands or something. I’m not looking for strict formal dresses for I only want something that I can wear anywhere or when I feel like to.

I had some ideas in my head on what dress that I want and it looks like the flowy and those skater or vintage style dresses will perfectly fit my physique. I also wanted to try those maxi dresses and eventhough some fashion experts say that short or petite women can look smaller in maxi dresses. It was not something that will discourage me for I have seen petite women like Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens wear maxi dresses and they look stunning. I guess wearing wedge sandals or something that will make us look taller will do the trick.

These days, new styles on dresses are coming up to give lots of choices for women. Wearing a dress can make a woman feel “girly” as it can enhance women’s femininity. You can never go wrong with dress for you can wear them casually at home, while shopping, at the beach etc. or formal where you can look elegant and sophisticated. We just need to find the perfect style of dress or gown to suit every occasion we are going to. You don't also need go with the trends all the time for you can buy classic pieces that you can wear all the time.

Shopping online also makes me excited. The wide selection of women's dresses that will fit different kinds of occasion will truly make every woman want to wear dresses.

Here are my faves:

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