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Top 4 Shocking Celebrity Drug Scandals

At this point, it's almost more shocking that we get surprised by celebrity drug scandals than the fact that they happen. However, there have been some scandals over the years that have come almost out of nowhere to shock and amaze the masses. Let's take a look at the top celebrity drug scandals.

4. Paris Hilton's Lame Excuses

Paris hilton
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So what makes Paris Hilton's scandal in 2010 shocking isn't that she was taking drugs, or that she got caught. Instead, it was the ridiculous number of excuses she came up with one after another. Not only the number of excuses, but the excuses themselves were ridiculous. First, she said it wasn't her handbag. Then that it was her friend's stuff in it. She the stated, "What, is that cocaine? I thought it was gum!" Because cocaine and gum totally look the same. At least we got a good laugh out of this one.

3. Lindsay Lohan Goes Downhill

lindsay lohan
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The child actress had a promising career. She was cute, she was a great actress, and she seemed to have it all. Until she got caught up in drugs. With Lindsay it almost seems like the controversy never stops. Every time she gets out of jail, she winds up back in trouble and right back in jail. It's clear that Lindsay has not found proper drug rehab treatment, because it's not long until she's in the papers again after each release. In April she talked to David Letterman about her upcoming rehab, which needed to start by May 2, and would last three months. Hopefully this time she'll stay on track.

2. Tulsia Allegedly Sells Class-A Drugs

Tulsia, the singer of N-Dubz, was recently arrested after an undercover reporter caught her on tape trying to sell drugs. She got arrested on June 4 along with a 35-year-old man, who is suspected of being the actual dealer. Tulsia was reported as saying that half of her phone book "sells it." On top of this, the singer showed the reporter text messages proving previous drug-related orders.

It's important to note that this is not the first time Tulsia has been involved with drugs. She admitted to a history with them in her autobiography. However, at that time she stated that she hasn't been around drugs in years.

1. Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping

lance armstrong
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Lance Armstrong has long been considered one of the most well-thought of and looked up to athletes of our time. He won the Tour de France seven times, and has overcome testicular cancer. However, he recently was accused of doping, and because of this has been banned from professional cycling for life. On top of this, he has had his titles stripped from him and has to pay back at least some of the $30 million he got in sponsorships from the government. At first he denied the doping, but after a lot of pressure, he admitted to it.

Celebrity scandals will continue to happen as long as there are celebrities. Drug scandals are just one of the many things that can happen with celebrities to help keep us interested. Who will be the next in and out of rehab?

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