Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Become a Fashion Stylist

If fashion is your passion, you may consider becoming a stylist. Fashion stylists are professionals who work on creating an image for clients by putting together outfits and deciding on hair and makeup choices. These stylists work on individuals and may design wardrobes for actors and models on television, TV shows, and print publications. It would be your job to keep up with current trends as well as be knowledgeable of past fashions. With this career, you could make $35,000 at minimum or make the big bucks if you advance far enough in the industry.

Training and Experience

Every professional can benefit from at least a little bit of schooling to have the smarts to succeed. Enroll in a college or another institute to receive a degree or certification in something fashion-related. Whichever road you take, be sure that you take fashion merchandising and design courses. This coursework will instruct you in the basics. It’s also to your advantage to undertake an apprenticeship. You may do this under a professional fashion stylist, a department store, or a retail shop. An apprenticeship is a 2-year experience that will give you the opportunity to do hands-on work. Plus, this is your chance to build your networking skills and connections. After paying your dues, you can take on clients of your own.

How to Succeed

Now you’re ready to launch your career as a fashion stylist. First, create a portfolio. During your time as an apprentice, you should have undergone several projects. You should have proof of your work, preferably shown through photographs. Compile the portfolio so it includes your best work and a description of what you’ve done. Don’t forget to include your résumé in there so potential clients can see why you’re qualified to handle a job. To get started, you might want to move to the hub of the industry. New York and Los Angeles are fashion capitals and exciting places to live. Network with existing connections to find work, and advertise your services to attract new clients. Over time, you can find people who will refer clients to you.

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