Friday, July 12, 2013

GuidoMaggi Shoes Are Best For All Occasions

GuidoMaggi shoes have been around for close to a century now.  They represent fine Italian craftsmanship using the best high quality materials, paying attention to each and every detail and putting in amazing skills to make the best men’s shoes around.  These luxury shoes are hand crafted in Italy and sold in the United States.

Shoe Structure
GuidoMaggi men’s shoes are made with a toe cap and hell counter from the best material around to provide the best in comfort.  The insole has an ergonomic design combined with high quality materials to provide long lasting comfort.

Color and Finish
Men’s shoes made by GuidoMaggi come in black, dark brown, light brown burnished, green burnished, yellow burnished, grey burnished, blue burnished, mustard yellow suede, dove grey suede, ice grey suede, navy blue suede and black patent.

Castro shoes are made with full grain leather and have a soft leather lining.  The inner sole and midsole are made from real genuine leather.  These dress shoes have a unique anti-slip rubber in the leather heel.

Verona shoes are the ultimate in luxury men’s shoes.  They are available in either handcrafted leather outsole with a unique ant-slip rubber heel or a high grade rubber sole with anti-slipping.  Increases height from 2.75 inches to 3.1 inches.

Firenze shoes are made with real genuine leather and cotton waxed shoe laces.  The upper leather, midsole and outsole are sewn at sight.

Milano boots come in your choice of black or dark brown.  These boots are made to increase height from 2.75 inches to 3.1 inches.  Also, they can be customized to increase height by 4 inches.

Dubai shoes are the best in fancy sneakers.  They are lined with soft goatskin and the insole in 100% genuine leather.  The upper part of the shoe is made with full grain leather and light brown in color.  They come with two pairs of white cotton shoe laces.  They are light in weight with a unique rubber sole to prevent slipping.

Chelsea are limited edition boots.  They are light brown in color and lined with goatskin.  The leather heel is made to prevent slipping and the ankle has a special pull loop.

Garda is the perfect bridegroom and tuxedo shoe.  The soft leather lining and cotton waxed laces will stand out.  The majority of the shoe is made with black patent leather and the insole and midsole are made in real genuine leather.


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