Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finding the Right Perfume for Women

If finding the right jeans or shoes that will perfectly match a women's taste and personality is already hard to do then finding the right scent or perfume can be the same.

Perfumes just like clothes and shoes can be a fashion statement on its own therefore, every woman must carefully pick the best scent for them.

Body Chemistry
Not all women have the same body chemistry, so not all scent will match everyone. You may find a certain scent so nice on your friend but when you use it, the scent may not be the same.

Trying Out
Various perfume stores offer freebies that you can take home. Use them for a while to know which one you like and then eventually buy the bottle. In that way, you'll not waste your money of perfume that you don;t like.

There are practically different scents to choose from: floral, fruity, fresh, oriental, citrus, spicy, woody etc.

Issey Miyake perfume has fresh scent

Marc Jacobs Honey has sweet scent

Gucci - Guilty has daring and bold scent

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