Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Create Healthy Skin and a Happy Face

Having healthy skin is a priority for many people. You are one of those people and you take great pride in the fact that you are able to maintain clear, clean, healthy skin using only organic skin care products. You are aware of the junk that is put into some products used to care for your skin and you don’t want to subject your body to the artificial, and sometimes dangerous, ingredients. You also care about the planet you live on and the impact that these unnecessary ingredients have on Mother Earth as well.
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Facial Cleansing

Let’s be honest here, the skin you care about most is your face, right? Yes, it is important to take care of every inch of your beautiful skin, but you worry most about your face. You don’t want wrinkles, you could do without blemishes, and age spots be gone! You can use an organic face cleanser daily that both cleans and gently exfoliates. It revives the pores of your skin and also has tiny little bacteria fighting soldiers built in to keep those pimples at bay. Okay, not actual soldiers, but they do the work of a whole tiny army.Your skin will be glowing gloriously when you are finished and you will feel refreshed.

Facial Moisturizing

After you have given your skin a refreshing wash and exfoliation, you need to replace the moisture taken away by cleansing. No matter your skin type you need to have the basics of moisturizing. Those basics include revitalizing your facial tissues and strengthening the collagen. Collagen is what gives your face lift and fullness and it can decrease with age. It gets tired and you need to give it the boost it needs. It is kind of like a pep club for your skin. Go team!

It also helps to have a moisturizer that contains all-natural antioxidant boosters. These antioxidants are absorbed into your skin and act to break down free-radicals. Free-radicals lead to premature aging, which you definitely want to avoid. There are other organic skin care products that can aid in healthy skin, but cleansing and moisturizing are the basics you want to start with.

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