Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Latest Coach Watches 2013

Latest Coach Watches 2013

If you're a watch fanatic like me, you'll never get tired of buying quality watches for it can really be a good investment. Nice watches can last up to more than 10 years and more depending on how you use, store and take care of them. I just love mixing and matching my attire with a watch. I feel like my attire for the day is not complete without my watch so I always and must wear one.

The boyfriend and the chrono watches have become a trend lately and many women have been wearing these big and bulky watches that you don't wear before because it looks like a man's watch. Now, the more big it is, the more it is fashionable. Other women love pairing it with the arm candies making their timepieces more interesting.

Got an email from Coach from their newsletter and my heart skipped a bit when I saw the Latest Coach Watches 2013 that includes oversized boyfriend and mini-boyfriend watches. The rose gold, gold, silver and dual-tone colored Coach watches will make you drool and want to buy asap.

COACH watches: price range: USD 198-$298. Check them out at Coach.com

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Homecoming Dresses

A school homecoming event is definitely an occasion that is not to be missed. Aside from having the chance to mingle with your friends and classmates to have fun it’s also a time for you to dress up and feel fabulous. Wearing a formal dress with a nice make up and a pretty smile on your face will surely make the night more memorable for you.

However, finding that perfect homecoming dress can be daunting for some girls because no one wants to end up wearing something tacky and the worst to see a girl wearing similar dress as theirs.

Start Early
Make sure to plan ahead, start scouring the stores or boutiques and even online stores to find out the latest trends on homecoming dresses. It’s not fun shopping for a dress only few days before the event for you can end up cramming and not getting the dress that will really suit you.

When you shop early, you have the opportunity to check out the various styles and colors that are still on stocks. In the moment when your gown doesn’t perfectly fit on you, you’ll also have ample time for repair and minor adjustments.

Check Out Numerous Options
Ask a  friend or someone for suggestions and constructive criticisms. There are various places where you can scour for your dress. Don’t limit yourself to only one store as you can find heaps of styles that you might like at various stores, boutique, couturier, designer stores and even online. You can start by checking out DressFirst online for they have wide range of homecoming dresses that will suit your taste and budget.

You can opt for a bustier type, empire cut, one shoulder, a-line cut, halter, cowl neck style dresses just to name a few. There are various homecoming dresses that you can consider to pick depending on the style, fabric,  embellishments and sleeves. Colors are also important factor in choosing your dress, so be sure what you want. Stay classic with black, white or earth tones while you can be daring and unique with those pastels and eye-catching colors like red or turquoise. Your choices depend on your personality and your sense of style.

homecoming dresses

homecoming dresses

Have Fun
Just remember to choose a dress that can bring out the confidence and style  in you not forgetting that it should be comfortable as well because you’ll be dancing the night away. Have fun choosing the dress that you like and feel like one fab gal.

Friday, July 26, 2013

My Fabulous GAP Finds

I'm itching to shop once again but before I head to the stores or click my mouse and fill my cart, I have to find nice items firsts so that I will make good choices.

1. Printed Camouflage boyfriend shirt for $54.95
I love 3/4 and long sleeves shirt that I can match with my skinny jeans and neutral colored pants. This is something that I can wear at the mall, quick meet-up with friends and quick errands.

2. The Sleeveless Shirtdress  $59.95 & V-Neck Cardigan $27.99 (sale right now)
The shirt dress can be worn with a belt or just as is. Love the print!

3. 100% Cotton T-shirt on sale @ $14.99
Nothing beats wearing a cotton shirt anytime. Love the stripes and the simple design on it.

4. Leather ballet Flats - $39 available in 6 colors
This Cranberry colored ballet flats caught my eyes instantly, never had a flat shoes with a color like this. I'm a flat shoe woman so this will give me lotsa comfort for sure.

(All images via GAP.com)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Create Healthy Skin and a Happy Face

Having healthy skin is a priority for many people. You are one of those people and you take great pride in the fact that you are able to maintain clear, clean, healthy skin using only organic skin care products. You are aware of the junk that is put into some products used to care for your skin and you don’t want to subject your body to the artificial, and sometimes dangerous, ingredients. You also care about the planet you live on and the impact that these unnecessary ingredients have on Mother Earth as well.
oragnic skin care

Facial Cleansing

Let’s be honest here, the skin you care about most is your face, right? Yes, it is important to take care of every inch of your beautiful skin, but you worry most about your face. You don’t want wrinkles, you could do without blemishes, and age spots be gone! You can use an organic face cleanser daily that both cleans and gently exfoliates. It revives the pores of your skin and also has tiny little bacteria fighting soldiers built in to keep those pimples at bay. Okay, not actual soldiers, but they do the work of a whole tiny army.Your skin will be glowing gloriously when you are finished and you will feel refreshed.

Facial Moisturizing

After you have given your skin a refreshing wash and exfoliation, you need to replace the moisture taken away by cleansing. No matter your skin type you need to have the basics of moisturizing. Those basics include revitalizing your facial tissues and strengthening the collagen. Collagen is what gives your face lift and fullness and it can decrease with age. It gets tired and you need to give it the boost it needs. It is kind of like a pep club for your skin. Go team!

It also helps to have a moisturizer that contains all-natural antioxidant boosters. These antioxidants are absorbed into your skin and act to break down free-radicals. Free-radicals lead to premature aging, which you definitely want to avoid. There are other organic skin care products that can aid in healthy skin, but cleansing and moisturizing are the basics you want to start with.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Natural Lip Exfoliator

Our lips also needs a lot of care just like our skin. Some lips can be chapped, dry and flaky due to too much use of lipstick and extreme cold weather. Exfoliating is one of the best way to remove dead skin and keep it from being healthy and kissable.

We really don’t need to buy expensive lip exfoliator for we can use items that we can see on our pantry. I found this diagram online and it says that we need to mix:
1 part sugar
1 part honey
1 part olive oil

When the mix is ready we can already use it to exfoliate our lips when needed to get rid of the dead skin.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Become a Fashion Stylist

If fashion is your passion, you may consider becoming a stylist. Fashion stylists are professionals who work on creating an image for clients by putting together outfits and deciding on hair and makeup choices. These stylists work on individuals and may design wardrobes for actors and models on television, TV shows, and print publications. It would be your job to keep up with current trends as well as be knowledgeable of past fashions. With this career, you could make $35,000 at minimum or make the big bucks if you advance far enough in the industry.

Training and Experience

Every professional can benefit from at least a little bit of schooling to have the smarts to succeed. Enroll in a college or another institute to receive a degree or certification in something fashion-related. Whichever road you take, be sure that you take fashion merchandising and design courses. This coursework will instruct you in the basics. It’s also to your advantage to undertake an apprenticeship. You may do this under a professional fashion stylist, a department store, or a retail shop. An apprenticeship is a 2-year experience that will give you the opportunity to do hands-on work. Plus, this is your chance to build your networking skills and connections. After paying your dues, you can take on clients of your own.

How to Succeed

Now you’re ready to launch your career as a fashion stylist. First, create a portfolio. During your time as an apprentice, you should have undergone several projects. You should have proof of your work, preferably shown through photographs. Compile the portfolio so it includes your best work and a description of what you’ve done. Don’t forget to include your résumé in there so potential clients can see why you’re qualified to handle a job. To get started, you might want to move to the hub of the industry. New York and Los Angeles are fashion capitals and exciting places to live. Network with existing connections to find work, and advertise your services to attract new clients. Over time, you can find people who will refer clients to you.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Buy? When You Can Rent Books Online

book twilightcalculuscollege-physics

For bookworm, reading books is their passion and hobby. Those that are fond reading books can actually benefit from it for reading books can increase their knowledge and improve their vocabulary. Aside from that, some stories can uplift, encourages and improve anyone’s lives and can give valuable lessons in life.

Other stories written by authors can transport us to a different world, make us think in a different way, love deeply, terrify our soul, laugh out loud, leave us at the edge of our seat and even make us sleep less than usual because we want to finish the whole book because we are so engrossed in it.

Book lovers can have heaps of books collection in their homes and they call them precious possessions. Lately, some book hoarders have no more space where they can keep their paperbacks and adding a new one can mean clutter already. If you’re in college as well, books can be so expensive too and for those with little budgets, buying them can be hard for them financially.

Thankfully, there are book s of different types and college book rentals online. Just pay a fee depending on the number of days that you want and you can have the book that you need. No more clutter and you can even save money.

This also means that book aficionado will have another means where they can enjoy reading books at a lesser price.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Exploding Offers and Buy-now Discounts Strategy

Are these signs very familiar to you? Aren't they tempting to shop when you see them at the stores : be it online or at regular stores?

How can one not like huge sale, great deals and discounts right? All consumers want to experience getting discounts from the items they purchase leaving them with some pennies still on hand. I guess most of us love to shop every time there is a big sale at the mall or at your fave online shop. GUILTY ME!  I don’t see anything wrong about that but little we didn’t know, we, as consumers are being lured by marketing strategies of the malls so we can shop more that sometimes we end up buying things that we really don't need in the first place.

Hmmmmm…. I have read a great article few weeks ago  and I learned that there is the “Exploding Discounts” strategy that most stores have been implementing. We often see signs from store like ‘only few pieces left or “sale only till today” and these are what they call psychological tricks. These signs can prompt us to shell out money and purchase the item right away because we don’t want to miss the opportunity that time. Wow.... what great strategy! I am most certainly can say that I have fallen prey to this kind of tactic. yay!

I reckon there are more marketing strategies that most stores do to increase their customers and eventually their sales. Not bad for they really need to step up for it is a business. It solely lies on the consumer if they want to buy or not anyway.

We also have the tendency to impulse buy ,which I am guilty of as well when we see SALE signs. I even had the experience of going to a midnight sale, scouring almost all the stores, checking the sale items and buying . In the end when I am already home, there are items that I really don't need or is not really worth to buy haha. Oh well.... those sale signs are really are a bait for consumers!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top 4 Shocking Celebrity Drug Scandals

At this point, it's almost more shocking that we get surprised by celebrity drug scandals than the fact that they happen. However, there have been some scandals over the years that have come almost out of nowhere to shock and amaze the masses. Let's take a look at the top celebrity drug scandals.

4. Paris Hilton's Lame Excuses

Paris hilton
Image via Flickr by Eva Rinaldi

So what makes Paris Hilton's scandal in 2010 shocking isn't that she was taking drugs, or that she got caught. Instead, it was the ridiculous number of excuses she came up with one after another. Not only the number of excuses, but the excuses themselves were ridiculous. First, she said it wasn't her handbag. Then that it was her friend's stuff in it. She the stated, "What, is that cocaine? I thought it was gum!" Because cocaine and gum totally look the same. At least we got a good laugh out of this one.

3. Lindsay Lohan Goes Downhill

lindsay lohan
Image via Flickr by avrilllllla

The child actress had a promising career. She was cute, she was a great actress, and she seemed to have it all. Until she got caught up in drugs. With Lindsay it almost seems like the controversy never stops. Every time she gets out of jail, she winds up back in trouble and right back in jail. It's clear that Lindsay has not found proper drug rehab treatment, because it's not long until she's in the papers again after each release. In April she talked to David Letterman about her upcoming rehab, which needed to start by May 2, and would last three months. Hopefully this time she'll stay on track.

2. Tulsia Allegedly Sells Class-A Drugs

Tulsia, the singer of N-Dubz, was recently arrested after an undercover reporter caught her on tape trying to sell drugs. She got arrested on June 4 along with a 35-year-old man, who is suspected of being the actual dealer. Tulsia was reported as saying that half of her phone book "sells it." On top of this, the singer showed the reporter text messages proving previous drug-related orders.

It's important to note that this is not the first time Tulsia has been involved with drugs. She admitted to a history with them in her autobiography. However, at that time she stated that she hasn't been around drugs in years.

1. Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping

lance armstrong
Image via Flickr by

Lance Armstrong has long been considered one of the most well-thought of and looked up to athletes of our time. He won the Tour de France seven times, and has overcome testicular cancer. However, he recently was accused of doping, and because of this has been banned from professional cycling for life. On top of this, he has had his titles stripped from him and has to pay back at least some of the $30 million he got in sponsorships from the government. At first he denied the doping, but after a lot of pressure, he admitted to it.

Celebrity scandals will continue to happen as long as there are celebrities. Drug scandals are just one of the many things that can happen with celebrities to help keep us interested. Who will be the next in and out of rehab?

About the Author
Shaun Chatman is a well published author on many authority sites. He lives in Dunedin, FL, and spends his free time playing with his kids or advising friends on tech, gadgets, finance and travel.

The Perfect Summer Sandals from Aldo

Summer is the time to wear sandals for a more comfy walk and travel. I personally love wearing sandals and flip flops for my feet can really relax when I shop or walk for a long time.

It's also fun to wear shorts with cute tank tops and dresses and paired it with a nice colorful sandals that can readily match our outfits.  You can never go wear with sandals as they can give comfort and can be fashionable as well. With your toes being exposed while wearing sandals, try to do some nail cleaning all the time as it can easily become dirty. A nice nail polish that can make your nails look pretty clean is also a sign that you care not just your fashion but also your hygiene.

I've been browsing the net all the time hoping to find some good finds and I found myself browsing through ALDO's online catalgoue this morning. While looking at the various styles and colors of their sandals, my eyes feasted on them.

Here are some perfect summer sandals from aldo that are so versatile. They can easily paired with your favorite maxi skirt or dress or a cute pair of shorts.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Women Need to Wear a Dress

Lately, I found myself wanting to wear dresses. Actually, I was going through some stores in our place in search of dresses that I can wear during Sunday mass and some for quick errands or something. I’m not looking for strict formal dresses for I only want something that I can wear anywhere or when I feel like to.

I had some ideas in my head on what dress that I want and it looks like the flowy and those skater or vintage style dresses will perfectly fit my physique. I also wanted to try those maxi dresses and eventhough some fashion experts say that short or petite women can look smaller in maxi dresses. It was not something that will discourage me for I have seen petite women like Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens wear maxi dresses and they look stunning. I guess wearing wedge sandals or something that will make us look taller will do the trick.

These days, new styles on dresses are coming up to give lots of choices for women. Wearing a dress can make a woman feel “girly” as it can enhance women’s femininity. You can never go wrong with dress for you can wear them casually at home, while shopping, at the beach etc. or formal where you can look elegant and sophisticated. We just need to find the perfect style of dress or gown to suit every occasion we are going to. You don't also need go with the trends all the time for you can buy classic pieces that you can wear all the time.

Shopping online also makes me excited. The wide selection of women's dresses that will fit different kinds of occasion will truly make every woman want to wear dresses.

Here are my faves:

Lusting Over Gucci Rectangle Sunglasses

I'm seriously finding another sunglasses that I can give myself for my birthday this November. I was trying out some sunglasses the other weekend and can't seem to find the perfect fit for my face. I have a small somewhat elongated face shape so I think I need to find something round or rectangular in shape. I tried the Ray-Ban aviator type sunglasses and since the shape is kind elongated it makes me face longer. Arghhh.. so now, I'm erasing the aviator type on my list :(.

Saw this Gucci rectangle shape at Bloomingdales website and I can't get my eyes off it. I'll try to look for this style when I go back to the mall soon. Hope this will suit my face.
large image view

Why You Need a Printed Parka

Festival season is once again upon us. Around this time of year, I start thinking about my first experience at a festival. It was some years ago now, when Lily Allen had first started out.

Upon arrival at the festival gates I would assaulted by a world of colours and sounds. Over the speakers boomed the collective noise of various artists performing in different tents. The floor was littered with paper cups and other rubbish. Bizarrely, some people were frantically collecting these cups. It was only later that I found out you could exchange these cups for beer. Police strolled through the crowds, as clowns did juggling tricks in one corner of the field and a few stray dogs rushed through the crowd (a breach in security apparently). After several attempts, we pitched our tent and waded through the mud to a bar. After queuing for an hour I finally bought an alcoholic drink, which I was much in need of. It was at this point that the heavens opened.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the music at the festival, and the general party atmosphere. I could even put up with the lack of sleep for a couple of days. The one thing that I simply could not abide, however, was being wet.

Dampness creeps through your skin, into your bones. Once you have a chill, it is incredibly difficult to feel warm again. During this particular festival, I was cold for the following three days. Plus, because I felt cold I kept having to dash to the ladies, not much fun when you have to use a portaloo.

So, for my festival antics this year, I decided to visit www.newlook.com to buy a printed parka. Usually I’m not a big fan of the parka jacket. However, these parkas are no ordinary coats. They’re really funky, lightweight and better yet will keep out the pesky rain if it does happen to pour. Which knowing my luck it will. They have a patterned design which fits in well with the season’s love of bright colours, statement pieces and floral designs.

After I bought a printed parka, I was pleased with how versatile it turned out to be. I could wear it with either skinny jeans and pumps, or wear it open with a summer dress for a hippie chick look. The exuberant nature of the jacket means it looks good teamed with statement jewellery and oversized accessories such as my festival-going tote bag. As it is waterproof, the parka should keep out the rain and keep me warm and dry for the two days I am planning to spend rocking out. Plus, I can roll it up if it does get too hot and carry it around with me in my bag.Floral Print Parka copy

So if you are looking for a handy, light jacket to take to festivals, look no further than a printed parka. Fun, stylish and most importantly waterproof, taking one of these when you’re out and about in the English countryside can only be a good idea!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finding the Right Perfume for Women

If finding the right jeans or shoes that will perfectly match a women's taste and personality is already hard to do then finding the right scent or perfume can be the same.

Perfumes just like clothes and shoes can be a fashion statement on its own therefore, every woman must carefully pick the best scent for them.

Body Chemistry
Not all women have the same body chemistry, so not all scent will match everyone. You may find a certain scent so nice on your friend but when you use it, the scent may not be the same.

Trying Out
Various perfume stores offer freebies that you can take home. Use them for a while to know which one you like and then eventually buy the bottle. In that way, you'll not waste your money of perfume that you don;t like.

There are practically different scents to choose from: floral, fruity, fresh, oriental, citrus, spicy, woody etc.

Issey Miyake perfume has fresh scent

Marc Jacobs Honey has sweet scent

Gucci - Guilty has daring and bold scent

Friday, July 12, 2013

GuidoMaggi Shoes Are Best For All Occasions

GuidoMaggi shoes have been around for close to a century now.  They represent fine Italian craftsmanship using the best high quality materials, paying attention to each and every detail and putting in amazing skills to make the best men’s shoes around.  These luxury shoes are hand crafted in Italy and sold in the United States.

Shoe Structure
GuidoMaggi men’s shoes are made with a toe cap and hell counter from the best material around to provide the best in comfort.  The insole has an ergonomic design combined with high quality materials to provide long lasting comfort.

Color and Finish
Men’s shoes made by GuidoMaggi come in black, dark brown, light brown burnished, green burnished, yellow burnished, grey burnished, blue burnished, mustard yellow suede, dove grey suede, ice grey suede, navy blue suede and black patent.

Castro shoes are made with full grain leather and have a soft leather lining.  The inner sole and midsole are made from real genuine leather.  These dress shoes have a unique anti-slip rubber in the leather heel.

Verona shoes are the ultimate in luxury men’s shoes.  They are available in either handcrafted leather outsole with a unique ant-slip rubber heel or a high grade rubber sole with anti-slipping.  Increases height from 2.75 inches to 3.1 inches.

Firenze shoes are made with real genuine leather and cotton waxed shoe laces.  The upper leather, midsole and outsole are sewn at sight.

Milano boots come in your choice of black or dark brown.  These boots are made to increase height from 2.75 inches to 3.1 inches.  Also, they can be customized to increase height by 4 inches.

Dubai shoes are the best in fancy sneakers.  They are lined with soft goatskin and the insole in 100% genuine leather.  The upper part of the shoe is made with full grain leather and light brown in color.  They come with two pairs of white cotton shoe laces.  They are light in weight with a unique rubber sole to prevent slipping.

Chelsea are limited edition boots.  They are light brown in color and lined with goatskin.  The leather heel is made to prevent slipping and the ankle has a special pull loop.

Garda is the perfect bridegroom and tuxedo shoe.  The soft leather lining and cotton waxed laces will stand out.  The majority of the shoe is made with black patent leather and the insole and midsole are made in real genuine leather.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diem Chau Colorful Carved Crayon Alphabet

Diem Chau Colourful Carved Crayon Alphabet Diem Chau Colourful Carved Crayon Alphabet 2Diem Chau Colourful Carved Crayon Alphabet 3
These beautiful colorful carved crayon alphabet are just so unique. I don;t think I can ever have my niece use these for they are such a beauty to be messed. It was artfully made and I guess is not for sale for it is a collection. Some designers have really have an eye for beauty and have keen talent to transform an ordinary everyday stuff into an art masterpiece.

These are carved crayons are carefully hand-carved by talented designer Diem Chau and I am positive that she has tons of patience in carving small items like these. These colorful carved crayon alphabet are displayed Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, IL last April and ended last May 18, 2013.

Artist: Diem Chau
Website: diemchau.com

Friday, July 5, 2013

Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Great length, curly or wavy volume, balanced and healthy bouncy happy hair! Short hair provides you with minimal hair-styling and lengthy hair provide you with voluminous styles having an elegant and classy look. So if you're getting short hair, why not choose real human hair extensions?

Hair extension is really a magic formula to possess lengthy hair do without waiting for several weeks or months for the hair to grow. To be able to get hair extensions, it's more essential to understand how to take care of them. The cleaner your hair, the more your extensions can last and in order to do that, you need to learn how to carefully take care of them. Therefore, proper understanding about hair extension care can provide you with lengthy, strong, soft, bouncy, healthy and flexible hair.

Brushing, Styling and Shampooing

You will find some measures for hair extensions care which are essential to follow along with like staying away from the tangling of hair, keeping the hair dry while going to sleep, always shampoo after working out and swimming, using brush with soft bristles on extensions, etc. Brush hair lightly within the downward motion and don't tug difficult on it. Then use the conditioner to prevent tangling of hair. Brushing hair as much as three occasions each day allows you to get tangle free beautiful extensions. The greater warmth styling you utilize, the shorter your extensions can last, so avoid using hair dryer, curl irons or straight irons. Don't color hair extension yourself. Allow the professionals perform the hair remedies. Use dry shampoo around the roots of natural hair to soak up excess oil.

Effect of Chemicals

Swimming pool water and brine can discolor your extensions so attempt to put on swimming gear cap or create a ponytail while opting for swimming and beaches. Chemicals and hair treatment may harm the extensions. Don't use hair remedies that have alcohol. Avoid matting and don't attempt to forget extension maintenance appointment for the hair extension care.

Which hair styles I'm able to opt after hair extension?

After you have your hair extension care, you are able to go for different elegant hair styles like lengthy and bouncy, French twist, looped under ponytail and half up Brigitte Bardot Hair.

Lengthy and Bouncy- If you're searching for a larger look, do this hair do. It not only makes hair appear more bouncy, but additionally soft particulars with light waves.

French Twist- It is among the classic styles that may add elegance for your beauty. Lengthy hair goes well with this particular hair do.

Looped under ponytail- In this kind of hair do, the ponytail is folded to create a loop. This style is ideal for casual looks.

Half up Brigitte Bardot Hair- Part hair in 2 sections and tie top of the section while helping to loosen the low one. This gives sexy and sleek hair do for lengthy hair, which could transform you into diva very quickly.

These hair styles provide you with attention and increase your confidence, as the beauty increases with four folds. If wish to stay searching luxurious with hair extensions, then start understanding how to take proper care of your extensions. Hair is among the important assets of ladies. Lengthy and stylish hairis what every woman dreamed of and after proper care with the hair extensions; it becomes more stylish and offers an exquisite feature.

Beauty Tips to Enhance your Beauty

Most of the times, first impression lasts so we always need to look good every time we go out of our house to do some errands or to meet someone. Looking good doesn't mean you have to be wearing an expensive clothes, bags or jewelry but looking good means being neat and confident.

Even if you are wearing a non-expensive clothes or jewelry but if you are confident when you wear them, your personality will shine and you will be beautiful

Choose clothes that will match your personality, your lifestyle and your budget. Trying hard to look someone will eventually show on the way you carry your clothes. Have you seen a women who is in her 50's but is wearing clothes that can only suit teens or in their 20's.?

Clothes can say much about us. It can tell our personality and how we value ourselves. However, as long as you are neat and presentable, I guess you are good to go.

Don't forget to SMILE as it can brighten your face and even can make anyone feel good.

Make Up
Wear make up according to occasion. Light make-up for day so you can look not too made up and feel glamorous at night wearing a super fab makeup that can enhance your physical beauty.

How to Use Healing Crystal Necklaces

A crystal is a solid material whose components are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure that forms a crystal lattice extend...