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Top 4 Home Design Trends of 2013

Your home is your palace and where you should feel absolutely comfortable. At the same time, it's always a good idea to use certain trends to feel like you're keeping up with the times. Every so often it's nice to update a little, and the following are some great ways you can use today's trends to make your home that much better.

4. Brass Fixtures

brass fixture
Image via Flickr by ramasamy

There was a time when many considered brass either gaudy or old-fashioned, but those times have changed. With the timeless golden look of brass, a space gets just enough or an orange addition to have more energy than it did before.

At the same time, brass doesn't dominate the space the way silvery metals sometimes do. Brass can fade back and become one with wood, which makes brass doorknobs and drawer pulls great to tie in with brass lamps and other center pieces.

3. Cozy Kitchen Spaces

kitchen space

Image via Flickr by Susan Serra, CKD

For a long time, a slick and ultramodern kitchen was the way to go. But now more designers are opening up to the idea of something a bit more classical. For example, tiles that have a crackled and handmade quality are gaining in popularity. Irregular floors, weathered concrete and slate are also becoming more fashionable.

Perfect slickness is no longer a requirement in the kitchen or in most rooms, in general. The homey quality of a more relaxed type of design, which started with the shabby chic movement, has gained prominence for years and has finally overtaken the slick looks that were common for a long time.

2. Lighter Wood Flooring

wood flooring

Image via Flickr by Deiby

There is definitely something to be said for woods that are dark, mysterious and powerful. They have a slightly masculine vibe without being a 1950s stereotype, but at the same time they can come across as foreboding and close in on the space. Bleached floors and lighter woods overall are becoming a powerful statement about the openness of the space and its occupants.

Even woods that are painted in lighter colors are coming back into prominence, as decorators look to lighter stains and paints to updated existing finishes instead of replacing older wood. The best flooring companies in Denver know all about how to make your floors look amazing. Make sure to check with Denver flooring professionals before making any decisions.

1. Punchy Colors

A few colors are really coming on strong on the design scene nowadays, and the most powerful are cool colors. While there is definitely a lot to say about salmon pink and Dior gray, the most popular colors for making a strong statement are blue and green.

Specifically, emerald green and a blue that rests between navy and royal blue make powerful statements. They bring a high energy to the area, and at the same time they're warm enough to be approachable. They bring the sturdy qualities of neons without seeming too out there, almost to the approachability level of pastels but with a younger tone about them.

There are a lot of great things coming down the pike in 2013, and you would do well to keep them in mind if you've been thinking about redoing a room or two.


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