Sunday, June 23, 2013

DIY: Tie Dye T-Shirts Tutorial

I remember when I was still in highschool, we used to make tie-dyed shirts as part of our project in home economics. It's actually pretty easy to make and it's fun as long as you have all the materials that you need, which is actually just simple and can easily be purchased at local stores.

Your creativity and color combination skills will be put into use in this DIY project. There are actually a lot of different patterns that you can make depending on the way that you tied your shirts.

Materials needed:
1. White shirt
2. Dyes of various colors
3. Rubber Bands
4. gloves
5. plastic bottles

Tie dyed shirts are still in the fashion these days. Not only you can tie dye your shirts but also your shorts and even shoes. This is one fun activity just in case you have not experience it.

Here's a simple Tie Dye Fashion tutorial that you can make with your friends.

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