Closet Ideas: Exposed Closet

June 07, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

I was bothered with the flour moths that are creeping in our pantry while I was trying to organize it last weekend. Thankfully, I found the solution for it. Right now, my problem is about my closet that is continuously been overflowing with my clothes and I need to find a remedy for this.

Just this morning, I was able to organize it a bit but I still need more time and definitely need more space for all my stuff.  I guess I need to have some closet organizers and extra closet that I really need.

Really don't want to mess my room but when I learned that an exposed closet can give me extra space, I think I have to go for this. I have a clothes hanger with wheels so I can move it easily if I want. All my frequently used shirts, pants and even dress can go into this rack so I can easily use them when needed.

Great idea but I'm just worried if I can maintain the look.

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