Summer Must-Have: Nivea Sun Protection

May 15, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

It's summer here in my part of the world and it only means that most people are staying outdoors most of the times to enjoy the sun, beach, nature and all. However, sun can be very harmful to our skin. In fact, exposure to too much sun can lead to skin cancer.

The best ways to avoid the harmful effects of the sun is to avoid extreme exposure from 9 am - 3pm according to experts. If you can't avoid it then might as well, wear hats, bring umbrella, wear thin comfy long sleeves and put on sunblock or sun protection that can give some layers of skin protection.

I had my 4 days of vacation up north this month and it was extremely hot during those times especially when we are out under the sun. Before going out, I put this NIVEA SUN PROTECTION lotion  with SPF 50 on my arms and legs while I use Belo's sunblock for my face.

This is not sticky and doesn;t have a foul smell like other sunblocks out there. Apply every so often to have maximum effect.

Price: P299.00 at Watson's Stores

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