Saturday, March 30, 2013

American Eagle Outfitters Philippines Now Open

American Eagle Outfitters Phillippines is now open at Building 5, Bonifacio High Street at Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars show even welcomed guests and customers during the opening of the store last March 1st. Now, Pinoys will get to wear comfortable clothes from an international brand.


All Images are from
American Eagle Outfitters Philippines-

All Images are from
American Eagle Outfitters Philippines-

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eiffel Dreams

My ultimate dream is to come and visit Paris and see the famous Eiffel Tower.!! It's been my dream for a long time now but I'm not really sure if that dream would come true since going there is very expensive and getting a visa will be hard for sure. However, who knows? I might win the lottery and I'll have lotsa money to buy a ticket, stay in one of those luxury paris apartments and tour the most romantic city in the world. I’ll still dream BIG!

In the meantime, I’ll just wear clothes with Eiffel Tower images on them to keep my dreams alive. I made this Eiffel Dreams set at Polyvore and I just love the red pants paired with rubber shoes or nude flats. Perfect for weekend outing with friends or errands.

Eiffel Dreams

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Big Pony Collection

Fun and vibrant colors embodies Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Big Pony Collection.

Polo shirts will never go out of style, in fact, you can create color blocking style with these fun colors . Mix neon pink polo shirt with bright yellow pants or other colors and you'll have a standout look. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors for it will be fun. I personally love the fluorescent orange polo shirt as I learned that orange can compliment my skintone as well.

The citrus shades will also make you think about summer and fresh fruits. Check these collection at

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hair Styling Tips for the Average Joe

Hairstyles, when properly chosen and cut, can flatter any woman. The wrong haircut can seriously damage your look. Beautiful and well-managed hair symbolizes the natural beauty and self-management skills of an individual.

For example, thin and lifeless hair can be cut and styled so that it won’t look limp and dull. When it comes to cutting and styling, layering does the trick. Layering hair gives off the illusion that you have a thicker head of hair than you actually do. A healthy diet, good sleeping pattern and a relaxed way of life also contribute to glowing and healthy hair.

Celebrity Styling Tips From the Pros
You can also take the lead with some celebrity styling hair tips. For example, if you suffer from dandruff, you can grind an aspirin to mix into your shampoo once or twice a week. Dandruff shampoos on the market today are well known for stripping away pigments from color treated hair or even dulling out natural colors. The aspirin will get the dandruff out without any side effects on your strands.

You can use baby powder on your roots when you feel that your hair is a little bit on the greasy side. Models and actresses who are in between shampoos have often worked with a stylist that will dust a little bit of baby powder onto their scalp and then blow dry out and style as usual. The baby powder works to absorb a good amount of the excess oil that is on the scalp at the root area.

Deciding on a Haircut
1. Talk with your salon professional about your hair type and the particular cut that will not only work well with the amount of hair that you have to work with, but also with your facial structure.

2. Do your research. Look at magazines for hairstyles that catch your eye. Try out websites that allow you to upload your picture and try different hairstyles and colors.

3. Before you finalize a new hair styling cut, it is important to consider your overall body shape and personality. Remember, the new hairstyle must compliment your looks and body. If it looks good on your face, it would definitely enhance your overall personality.

4. Consider your way of life, but be open to change. You would be surprised how much a hair color change or highlights can change your hairstyle and improve your over-all look.

5. After the hair cut, ask your hairstylist on how to style your hair so that it looks exactly the same as he styled it. Ask for products you can use to help maintain your hairstyle outside of the salon. Keeping a good line of communication open with your stylist will help you to achieve an overall look that you can be happy with.

About the Author: Martha Blythe is currently growing her hair out to try a new hairstyle. This time she is taking Anastim to help hair grow faster and will be seeking out the advice of a hair stylist professional.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hermès ‘Vive le Sport’ / Long Live Sport Videos

Classic and luxuly label Hermès  came up with 3 sporting animated videos  because of their recent ‘Vive le Sport’ (Long Live Sport ) Campaign  for their Spring/Summer 2013 collections with sports and games theme. It's fun and too cute not to share them here.

Hermes Plays Croquet

Hermes Ping Pong Game


Monday, March 11, 2013

Trending: Ballet / Ballerina Flats with Straps

Trending on Polyvore: Ballet Straps

Ballet flats never go out of style, but designers are refreshing the footwear classic with a charming new twist: straps! Whether they’re grosgrain, chain link or studded, Polyvore members are in love with these updated pieces and we think you will be, too. Check out a few of the pairs that the community is wrapped up in right now. Accdg. to Polyvore Editorial.

I love wearing flats anytime and anywhere so I can see myself wearing one of this soon. Love that Zara nude flats made of goat leather and that Valentino Rockstud ballerina with swarovski rhinestones is to die for! The snake skin print from Milly add some interest on your flats and I bet these are all comfy to wear too.

How to Find the Right Swimsuit for your Body Type


Summer is just around the corner here at our part of the world and everyone has the right to show some skin again at the pool side, spa with raypak heat pumps and at the beach. Are you ready to show your curves already?

Finding the right swimwear for your body type will always be daunting. Not all of us have curvy, shapely or sexy body but all of us can wear swimsuits if only we know what works for our body types.

Here's a simple illustration that matches your body shape with a swimwear.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Image from[/caption]

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Seeing my brothers, my niece and nephews play the guitar always make me wish that I can strum the guitar like they do. It's even more admirable to see women play the guitar for they look cool and sexy in my opinion. I once tried learning it but it seems so hard and the strings painful for my tiny little fingers so I end up giving up. I guess I just lack patience in trying to learn it.

The strings are one of the vital parts of the guitar and putting a quality strings can produce good sound quality. Professional or good guitar players are always on the lookout of quality strings for strings can wear out in time due to frequent usage. Acoustic Guitar Strings come in various types and gauge and you need to choose the right one for better sound quality and easiness of use when playing.Choosing acoustic guitar strings also depends on your style and type of your acoustic guitar.

Here are just some of the acoustic guitars that you can get.

Sara Designs Leather & Suede Texture Wrap Watch

The trend these days are over-sized watches and cute layering of bracelets that fashionistas call it "arm candies". I also jumped in the bandwagon few months ago and been wearing my watches with layers of bracelets.

Found these cute wrap around watch by Sara Designs at and you don;t need to buy separate watch and bracelets to do the layering because the watch and the bracelets are connected to each other already. It comes in various colors and designs and price ranges from $180 up.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Different Kind of Gift - How to Buy a Collectible Coin as a Present

We use coins every day to buy coffee, pay tips and make change at the grocery store.  Coins are so common that many of us don’t realize their potential value as gifts.

Many old coin specimens are excellent presents.  The shine of a well-preserved 19th century silver dollar can be appreciated by all sorts of people.  Depending upon its type, age and condition, a coin can carry bullion value, antique value (also called “numismatic value”), historical value, artistic or aesthetic value, and even sentimental value.  The right kind of coin, for the right person, can make for a very personal gift.

Before buying a coin as a present, however, there are a few basic principles of the coin trade that you should first understand.

How to buy a coin as a gift
If you’re considering making a gift of a collectible coin, you probably know the person receiving the gift very well.  Think about what sort of coin he might like to have.  If he’s interested in history, ask him about some of his favorite periods and places and try to find a coin minted in one of those places or times.  Some types of coins are very difficult to find at a reasonable price, whether for reasons of age or low mintage numbers.  Others are surprisingly common: if the man in question is interested in Roman history, for example, you should easily be able to find a nice Roman denarius (a small silver coin featuring the portrait of the emperor of the date of the coin’s mintage) for around forty or fifty US dollars.  If he is interested in genealogy, you might instead consider buying a coin from one of the countries his ancestors came from.

Where to buy coins
Collectible coins are sold primarily in four places: coin shows, coin trading stores, flea markets and online auction sites (or, in other words, eBay.)  The first two are generally the best places to buy coins.  When buying, it’s always advisable to deal with coin experts who understand the values of individual pieces and can independently grade coins and weed out counterfeits.  Coin stores and dealers have reputations to protect, so unless you happen to stumble across the rare crooked dealer, you generally won’t be ripped off.

Be wary of flea market sellers and eBay auctions.  Many of the coins sold in these venues are counterfeits.  To be safe, find a coin dealer with a good reputation and buy from him or her instead.

The difference between slabbed and raw coins
A slabbed coin is one that has been verified by a coin grading service as genuine.  Some of the most trusted coin grading services in the United States include PCGS, NGC and ANACS.  These services authenticate old coins and give them “grades” based upon their conditions and the amount of detail still visible on the coin’s surfaces.  These grades consist of letters and numbers together (for example, G-4 and MS-60) and are practically undecipherable to the coin novice.  Just keep in mind that a higher number means the coin is in better condition (MS-70 indicates a perfectly preserved mint condition coin.)  Slabbed coins are so labeled because they are inserted into large clear plastic cases, or slabs, after being graded.

Any coins that aren’t contained in slabs are considered raw.  There’s nothing wrong with buying a raw coin as long as you know it’s genuine – many raw coins are bought and sold by professional coin dealers, who have the ability to sniff out fakes.  Another advantage of buying a raw coin is that you can actually hold it in your hand, which you can’t do with a slabbed coin.

An old, nicely preserved coin can make for an unusual, unexpected, thoughtful and personal gift.  If you want to give a close friend or relative something different this holiday season, consider an antique coin.

Jack Harding has been an avid coin collector since he was a child, when his grandfather introduced him to the hobby. Click here for more interesting and unusual gift ideas.

Fun and Colorful Nail Polish Colors from Forever 21

Summer is just around the corner and are you already itching to hit the beach and travel?

Wait, before going out of town, paint your nails with these fun and colorful nail polish colors from Forever 21 to match the colorful rays of summer. Match or color block it with your summer outfit. I'm pretty sure your toenails will be attractive when you wear those flipflops or sandals.

So what color you'd like to pick?

Where to get them? or at
~ Forever 21 store at 2nd level of SM Megamall

Friday, March 1, 2013

EZDrummer Software for Musicians

Audio quality to music fanatic and professionals is very critical. If you're a novice or professional user of drums it's always best to have a software that can aid in the upgrading of your sound. With ezdrummer you are sure that it can provide optimum sound quality that you need on your drum samples. This software is easy to use, compact and is available in affordable plug-in format.

A fiend of mine is a musical genius and member of a local band and I'm very sure that his band uses hi-tech software and instruments to record and mix their songs and audio.

How to Use Healing Crystal Necklaces

A crystal is a solid material whose components are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure that forms a crystal lattice extend...