Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sleek and Special: Unique Décor for a Modern Wedding

The holidays are a special time to get engaged, and with so many weddings coming in the spring and summer, it’s time to start planning and booking those venues. Many brides have tastes outside of the mainstream wedding frills, and it can be difficult to find décor, spaces, flowers, and dresses to match a sleek, modern aesthetic. If mainstream wedding shops aren’t meeting your expectations, it’s time to think creatively.

Seek Décor from Other Sources
The wedding industry is expensive and booming, and prices on décor can be more expensive than buying the same things from a different vendor. For a modern wedding, décor should be simple and chic. Consider bringing in elements of nature like stone, metal, and water, offset with neutral-colored flowers and earth tones. These decorations can be incredibly inexpensive. Fill a glass jar with river rocks, water, and flowers, and you have a striking but affordable centerpiece. Focus your funds on striking visual pieces, such as logo water features with your names, which can also be a treasured piece in your home after the wedding. The background sound of the water will also add a sensory element to the décor.

Seek the Unique
For flowers, traditional options like roses or daisies may diminish the modern feel of your wedding. Choose exotic flowers like orchids, or even leafy green plants like succulents. If you want to go with desert plants but add some color, cacti are beautiful plants and often have bright, beautiful flowers blooming. Small succulents also make great gifts for your guests.

Dress Your Best
Mainstream bridal shops may not carry the type of dresses you’re seeking for your bridesmaids. The good news is that the traditional look of a bridesmaid dress went out a long time ago, and these dresses offer a great opportunity to express your own personal style. Brides now often pick dresses from mainstream department stores. Choose a flattering, simple cut in a complimentary color. If you’re going for a sleek and modern look, it’s probably wise to choose a consistent color for the dresses. Or, if you’d like to help your friends save some money, suggest that everyone wears a simple, black dress in whatever style fits their body well. That way you can accommodate all your friends no matter what their income is. There’s only one rule for your wedding – that it’s uniquely you!

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