Saturday, January 26, 2013

Michael Kors 2-toned Oversized Watch

Slowly, my to-buy list for our home is getting shorter already. I already bought the Samsung flat screen TV as per my mom's request but I still need one of those monitor mounts that I've been seeing so we can hang the TV on the wall. It can save a lot of space in our small living room because the cabinet where it was placed will be removed already. In the meantime, that mount will still remain in my list for now because I have some other things that I want to buy not for our house but for myself this time.

I really wanted this Michael Kors 2-toned oversized watch and I might order one from a friend that sells this. I know I deserved to have one of this and I just hope that before the year ends and even before the fad disappear, I hope I already have one.

Now.... I'm drooling!

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