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How to Choose a Maid Service in Scottsdale, Arizona


Choosing a maid service in Scottsdale can seem like a tough decision, especially if you have never hired professional cleaners before. Anytime we bring people into our homes we want to feel secure, and when we pay for services, we expect to be pleased with the results. But, what do you look for, and how do you know you are getting a good deal? This simple checklist will prove helpful for those considering hiring a maid service in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Checklist for Choosing Maid Service in Scottsdale

Here is a general list of the top things to consider when comparing house cleaning service companies. You can’t truly know how good a service is until you’ve used it. But, these tips will help you select the best options and avoid common issues, helping ensure you find great maid service in Scottsdale.

How are Their References/Reviews?
As with any service-based profession, references are key. If you want to know how well someone performs, who better to ask than their customers? Nowadays, customers can also check reviews online via social media, Google, Angie’s List, and more. Seeing a few legitimate, positive reviews can help you rest assured that the service is effective and trustworthy.

Do They Pass Background Checks?
House cleaners will be in your home, often unattended, and around your family, pets, and most prized possessions. Many people prefer to have cleaning done while they are away, and leave a key for the cleaning team. You want to make sure this trust is not taken advantage of. For this reason, you need to be confident of the cleaners’ responsibility and trustworthiness. Conducting a background check, or using a Scottsdale maid service that conducts background checks on employees, helps ensure this. Background checks typically include at least criminal histories, and in the case of employers, past job performance and more.

Are the Cleaners Licensed & Insured?
Even with the most careful cleaning professionals, accidents can happen. Breakables may get dropped, keys can get lost, and other issues can arise. When you hire a cleaning service, make sure they are insured so that employees’ mistakes won’t cost you money. The insurance companies cover workers in cases of loss, injury, damage, theft, and more which offers customers security. Licensing, or registering with state, is also an important step for legitimate businesses (mostly for tax purposes). Both help show that a company isn’t fly-by-night and offers a professional level of care.
Check to see if the cleaning company offers clearly listed service menus and packages. While flexibility is important, you want to know exactly what the maids will clean to assess value. Some services may be cheap, but only offer minimal cleaning with everything else incurring extra charges. Upfront pricing eliminates unexpected charges and ensures you are satisfied.

Do They Use Checklists?
Along the same lines, maid services that use standardized checklists tend to have better success at thorough deep cleaning. In addition providing accountability and eliminating disputes about what is and is not covered, checklists help ensure maids don’t miss a step.

Is There any Satisfaction Guarantee?
If you pay for a clean house, you deserve a clean house. Check to make sure the company offers some sort of guarantee or resolution process in case they cleaners do a subpar job - think of it as a warranty. They should at least offer a refund or to reclean in cases where work is incomplete or unprofessional.

Green Cleaning Option
Many people, especially those with small children and pets, are concerned about toxic chemicals. As the green trend continues, consumers are beginning to seek maid service in Scottsdale offering environmentally friendly house cleaning. What this means is that the cleaners use only products that are non-toxic, thus safe for little ones and the planet. But, non-toxic shouldn’t mean dirty - many cleaners are both effective and save.

Cleaning Companies vs. Individual Maid Service in Scottsdale

With all of these things considered, for many the biggest decision is whether to hire an individual or a professional maid service in Scottsdale. Cheap services are readily found on Craigslist that may save you money, but there are some inherent risks - you don’t know the individuals qualifications or trustworthiness, and likely won’t have much recourse if something is broken, missing, or the job is poor. Choosing with professional maid service in Scottsdale like Scottsdale Maids ensures your home is secure and that job will be done right.

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