Friday, December 7, 2012

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs comes in various sizes and shapes and it can serve dual purpose in our homes. Not only it can serve as a seat in any room in our house but definitely it can be a nice piece of furniture that can match any theme. These days, you can see lots of different colors from neutral to bold and even neon colors that can easily catch anyone's attention. Not only that, there are some bean bags available in many stores that has designs and patterns on them. I saw some cartoon character bean bag chairs that can go well with any child's room.

Here are just some of the foambymail bean bag chairs that can opt to purchase. The 3foot foam sack is one-seater and is suited for any child or adult and it is filled with shredded conventional foam perfect for any room. The sizes goes up to 8-foot long and four adults or  six children can sit at the same time thus making it a perfect chair in the living room or entertainment area.

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