Saturday, December 8, 2012

4 Bands That Need Makeovers for Their Next Concerts

Part of the fun associated with going to a concert is getting to see your favorite bands and musicians up close and personal. Their looks—or lack thereof—probably don't make you like their music any less, but you have to agree that some bands need an update. There are certain iconic musicians who could really benefit from a makeover, especially the following performers.

Kiss unquestionably tops any list of musicians in desperate need of a makeover. Members of the Kiss Army might disagree, but an updated look would only benefit the legendary band. Their look is iconic and it works for them, to an extent. However, their hard-edged glam gimmick needs to take a leap into the 21st century.

By doing so, the boys could instantly make their already exciting concerts even more thrilling. More to the point, a more modern makeover might just increase their exposure and pull in a whole new demographic clamoring for Kiss tickets.

The Rolling Stone
The Rolling Stones have done a better job of keeping their look modern, but that's the problem. They've done a little too much to keep up with the times. Although Mick, especially, is well-known for his flamboyant fashion, the guys are starting to resemble grandfathers clinging to their youthful visions of themselves.

They don't need to start wearing cardigan sweaters or pants that come up to their armpits, but it might not hurt them to lay off metallic shirts and tight pants. With a slightly more subdued look, legions of old fans and new converts will focus on their music.

Aerosmith requires a makeover in much the same way as the Stones. Most of the guys are aging pretty gracefully, but then there's Steven Tyler. Steven is always the exception, isn't he? His desire to stay in the limelight is understandable; he's a TV star now too. However, there's something off-putting about seeing a man his age wearing feather extensions in his hair.

Again, the band doesn't need to completely turn their backs on their fashion roots, but a subtler wardrobe and less makeup might encourage new fans to take them more seriously. Looser pants are much appreciated as well.

Fleetwood Mac
Legions of fans are extremely excited about Fleetwood Mac's reunion tour. They're dying to hear Stevie's haunting voice singing the songs they remember. The tour provides a great chance to introduce new fans to the band's music. It also gives the members the perfect opportunity to update their look and make it more cohesive.

Back in the 1970s, Stevie Nicks made a gorgeous pagan princess. That style still works today, but it would look even better if the band either followed suit or if Stevie toned it down just enough to look like she's actually part of the group.

No matter how they look, these groups are legendary. However, if they want to keep bringing in new fans, a few well-executed makeovers definitely couldn't hurt, don't you agree?

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