Monday, November 12, 2012

Argan Oil: Food for Your Body and Your Skin!

Sure, we all want to have beautiful skin and healthy hair as it is everyone’s dream most especially women. Not all are blessed with great skin and hair but some people are just born lucky. I always envy women with soft and flawless skin and those with shiny long black hair. My thick hair, which is often unmanageable, has made me think of undergoing an intense hair restoration to keep it from being dry and brittle.

I learned that there are many factors that also contribute in the dullness of our hair and skin and that include our diet and genetic make-up. However, these days more and more products are developed and found out to very effective in treating different kind of skin problems and flaws. Argan oil, which came from a nut of an Argan tree from Morocco has been known to do wonders in our body. The cosmetic oil of Argan or the Argan oil is the food for our body, hair and skin as what experts say. Studies showed that it can prevent wrinkles, creases, crow’s feet and can rejuvenate dull skin and hair when used religiously even with just few drops every day

I’m very positive that many women wish to have a skin that is glowing and hair that is so radiant and this Moroccan Argan oil will be the answer to our beauty problems. This organic, which is cultivated free of pesticide and eco-friendly oil can do wonders on our body by renewing cells because of its high antioxidant component.

Now, knowing all the benefits that this miracle oil can do in our body, I am more than decided to include it on my skincare regimen soon for I’m totally dedicated in finding the best solution for my lifeless skin and hair.

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