Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trend Alert: Rose Gold Boyfriend Watches by Coach

Watches are just one of my fave accessories. I could never leave a house without wearing one as it feels like I'm naked without it. These days, oversized watches particularly these rose gold boyfriend watches are a big fad. They became an eye-candy seen on most women's wrists. A lot of styles and colors have come out as well and women who love big watches will have a hard time picking which one they'd buy. I've been meaning to buy myself one of these rose gold watches but my dainty little wrist might not take the bulkiness of it hehe.

Check these Rose Gold Boyfriend Watches by Coach at Price ranges from $198 and up and available straps are rose gold, plastic, leather and rubber .


  1. Type na type ko ang pink gold!!!!! Meron nyan ke Faye!

  2. OO nga Aggie.. type ko rin kaso mo baka super laki sa kamay ko lol

  3. I like the one with white strap! Super nice!

  4. oo nga Peach, I want pero not now muna.. wahhhh

  5. Same with Mich, droooooool :)


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