Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teen Summer Camp Must-Have

Every teenager deserves some rest from school stuff and one of the many ways to have them enjoy their vacation is by letting them join teen summer camps. They will have an opportunity to meet new friends and gain more knowledge or experience. Always make sure to pick the right summer camps for your teens so that they will enjoy every minute that they will spend there. Sending them to summer camps will be an memorable and different experience for your teens for they can learn a lot of things while there.

There are teen summer camps for teenagers that offer Academic summer camp, Arts/Music, Adventure, Special Needs and more. Also make sure that your kids will bring these must-haves:
1. Comforter/ Blankets             2. Water Bottles
3. Laundry Bags                      4.  Shower Accessories
5.  Eating Utensils                 6. First Aid Kit
7. Sleeping bags          8. Sunscreen/ Insect Repellant


  1. Good list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We also have our own summer camps and those are the things that we bring whenever we have one. Nice list.

  3. My daughter would love all those stuff when she goes on camp. :)

  4. thanks for sharing your list


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