Friday, October 12, 2012

Music and Me

Nothing beats the joy that I get every time I listen to music everyday. There are times when I listen to fast or up beat songs in my computer to make me dance or move. My table speakers may be in full volume while I’m listening. It’s also very helpful when I feel too sleepy and needed a jolt to keep me awake while I’m beating a deadline on my work. I guess the adrenaline rush keeps my blood flowing and making me wide-awake.

I also have silent moments when all I just want to hear is soft calming music to appease my worry soul. Music with words that are striking and hitting me straight through my heart will definitely make me cry. The senti-mode is on when I’m like that and I’d prefer just wearing headphones so I can really feel the song.

I can also remember listening to the radio everyday most especially when I came home from work. Turning on the radio that I have inside my bedroom was like a routine already. I can imagine my fave DJ wearing headphones while setting all the music he has in store for his listeners. Now that I have my iPhone and the computer, I rarely listen to the radio anymore and that made me miss my fave radio station and DJ.

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