Friday, October 12, 2012

Bargain Shopping Techniques to Bring on Your Next Travel

People travel for different reasons; it could be business related, a personal journey or just taking some time off to have some fun and relaxation. For most women, there’s something about going to another country that makes them really excited: shopping. yes, it presents the opportunity to see new items and unique ones that you might only find at your destination. You can shop for clothing, shoes, makeups or souvenirs but in your next shopping spree, make sure that you know the techniques that can make you save on your purchases.

A lot of travelers who are in tight budget find countries in Southeast Asia to be the perfect destination especially since your money can go a long way since most items are very affordable. Countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, hong Kong and Korea are known for their night markets and street shops that offers a selection of merchandise for a low price. If you are planning to go to any of these countries, make sure to practice your skills when it comes to bargaining. You’ll be surprised on how much money you can save by asking for a discount.

If you intend to shop on places such as night or street markets, it pays to learn a little of their language. Know the words for “how much” and “discount” as they can help a long way in your bargaining. Most sellers would also think that you are a local due to the basic knowledge of the language. Remember that in popular tourist markets, the prices might still be a bit high because tourists flock the place. Do your own research and look for markets that offer the same variety but are less popular among the crowd, not only will it save you money on shopping but also time since there’s less people looking around.

It will be a great advantage to have a friend that lives in the area as they would know how to bargain with store owners. If traveling and shopping alone, do not hesitate to ask for a discount, this often works especially if you are buying quite a number of souvenir items. Since there might be a language barrier, be the first one to inquire about the price; engage in a friendly conversation and ask how much discount can they give.

Avoid all sorts of tourist traps such as individuals who haggle or those who will keep on offering their goods even when you’re walking away. Be polite and decline in a nice manner, gesturing that you are not interested in what they offer.

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