Orange Delight

September 24, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Eversince I learned that orange or coral colors look good on me, I never stopped looking for blouses or top that I can buy if my budget allows. I already have several printed and solid colored orange blouses but still I can't get enough. Look, I found a cute one at pinterest! That blouse looks so simple and I think the cut or style of the blouse can hide my big belly hehe. I'm not loving the orange wedge sandals though , I think I'll just opt wearing beige or brown wedge sandals for this look. That multi-colored bracelets can add some spice on the whole outfit and I love it.

Right now, I've been browsing both pinterest and polyvore sites looking for more ideas and I just hope computer running slow problem will not happen on my pc when I open multiple programs or sites at the same time. Thank goodness, pc is running and performing at its best up to now.

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