Friday, September 28, 2012

Look of the Day: Green Skinny Jeans & Blazer

I always wanted to buy a green colored skinny jeans and I'm hoping to find one at Zara or if not at other stores when I go shopping before my birthday this Nov. I'm just digging this green, black and white combo but wishing my tummy is as flat as Mine was muffin like when I wore my skinnies and tight stretchable shirt. That blazer completed the look too.

I'm also looking for an animal print flat shoes but I'm not that lucky. I found one at Payless but it's a wedge shoes so I need to scour all stores, maybe I can find one at Aldo or at our local brand stores. Can't wait to wear this kind of look soon.


  1. Wow! nice, I like the skinny jeans and the white inner blouse. You look gorgeous.. Hmmmm... now I know what I want for myself this Christmas... ;-)

  2. I love the combination, now I got inspiration for an outfit :).. thanks for sharing..


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