Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween is one of the most celebrated event in many parts of the world and not only adults get to dress up and have some fun. Kids and even babies take part on this celebration and they are even cuter when you dress them up with something different that can raise curiosity and liking by many people.  I remember taking our nieces and nephews when they are still kids on Halloween costume parties on different malls in the Metro and to see them excited to get their treats are priceless. A nephew even won in a Halloween costume contest where he wore a “KAPRE” mask made by my older brother.

These days, Halloween costumes need not to be scary at all for anyone can wear any theme.

Are you joining any Halloween costume party this year and what theme do you have in mind?

Here are just some of the Halloween costumes for kids that I found at

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Toddler Girls  Medium 4T through size 7
Super Hero costumes by:

Baby -Children Girls Superwoman Halloween Costume SmallMedium  Captain America Tutu Outfit with Shield

Red Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume and Purple Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume by:

Custom Boutique Red Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume 2t

Pirate costume 12 Custom Boutique purple  Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume


  1. I love the costumes,especially the one with the logo of Captain America,hehe!

  2. nope. i haven't tried any halloween nor costume party yet.. but i would love to with a witch costume one that has pointed hat and a broom.. ha ha

  3. I like the captain america cheer leader costume - they look sexy ;)

  4. How cute! Few more weeks and people will be cramming the costume stores or Halloween supplies shop for great and fun attires. Love those super-hero themed costumes!

  5. We don't do with this Halloween stuff nevertheless nice costumes to pick from. I like the Superman get-up.

  6. Haven't thought of any theme or costume for me yet ...

    Those costumes are so cute and not scary at all. I can't wait to dress up my little girl for the Halloween...

  7. that's beautiful costume.I am still looking a halloween dress for my daughter.

  8. super cute Halloween costumes... imma buy zachy his own costume for the holidays too.. :)


  9. oh im so excited for this year Halloween, i got my own costume already. he he he... i like that first kids costume. its very cute. do they have for boys?

  10. Lovely and cute costumes! Halloween parties make the little ones excited


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