Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrity Look: Demi Lovato Inspired Outfit

'but you couldn't walk 'cause the music's taking over your feet.' ?

If you are a fan of the singer/actress Demi Lovato then I'm sure you'll also want to copy her style of dressing. In this concert of hers she is wearing a very simple, casual and comfortable attire.  It's pretty easy to copy her style and will not cost you a lot for this look. If you have a jeans that you don't like anymore you can cut it and make it into shorts. Match it with your high heeled shoes, leather bracelets, a white shirt, denim jacket and add a bib necklace to accentuate your attire. You can add more accessories if you want like musical note or musical instrument earrings. If you are also playing drums or any kind of instrument in a band, you can definitely rock this look.  You can definitely play around with this look.

You can click the image to know where you can get them.

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