Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Battery Operated Fisher-Price Barbie Lil Trail Rider ATV and Jeep

My cousin's daughter will be turning 7 this December and I'm already looking for gift ideas so it brought me to Toys R US website to see what can I find. Also, Christmas is not far behind so it's better to start looking for gifts and have my list soon. I know my cousin's daughter loves Barbie dolls but I'm sure she has lots of dolls already. In fact, I saw her collection of Barbie dolls when I visited them couple of months ago.

I just thought these battery operated Fisher-Price Barbie Lil Trail Rider ATV and Jeep are perfect for her. It includes batteries and charger when you buy them but just in case you lost them, you can find  maha batteries to replace the batteries.  The ATV is priced at $84.99 while the Jeep is a little bit expensive $250.00

Images from TOYSRUS.COM

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  1. I am eyeing one of these for my daughter this coming christmas.


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