Friday, September 28, 2012

Where to Shop for Home Furniture

Even though you love every inch of your home right now, the time will come that it’s going to need a little makeover and it might be necessary to replace old furniture and get some new ones. Home furniture can get old and damaged over time and so when the need to buy a new one arise, where can you find the best deals?

Furniture shopping can be a fun experience for homeowners who love to decorate but it can be a grueling task for busy individuals. The best and the most convenient way to start on your furniture shopping is to look online. The internet will provide you with hundreds of choices depending on your needs and budget. Online shopping is also very convenient especially for those who are busy and barely has time to visit a store. With the help of a computer, you can find great deals and a wide range of styles and design. The best part is that you won’t even have to worry about delivery since most online stores offer this for free.

The only downside when it comes to online shopping is that you don’t get to examine the actual furniture and would have to rely on the description provided by the seller. In order to protect yourself from such problems, it is best to deal only with verified and trusted websites.

You can also pay a visit to a local furniture store and check out their offers. The only thing about visiting a retail shop is that its limited space restricts them from offering a variety of choices. Most of these stores will also carry the usual designs that are highly in demand in the market. If you are looking for something unique, the best choice is to find a shop that offers custom made furniture.

Look of the Day: Green Skinny Jeans & Blazer

I always wanted to buy a green colored skinny jeans and I'm hoping to find one at Zara or if not at other stores when I go shopping before my birthday this Nov. I'm just digging this green, black and white combo but wishing my tummy is as flat as Mine was muffin like when I wore my skinnies and tight stretchable shirt. That blazer completed the look too.

I'm also looking for an animal print flat shoes but I'm not that lucky. I found one at Payless but it's a wedge shoes so I need to scour all stores, maybe I can find one at Aldo or at our local brand stores. Can't wait to wear this kind of look soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Buying the Best Flowers for Your Anniversary

Buying flowers on an anniversary may or may not be the best thing to do, some people genuinely don’t like the concept of flower giving at all and others really relish either the chance to choose some stunning blooms or to receive them. You should get this fact down for sure as a starting point. If you are celebrating an anniversary, you should know at least this much by now!

Now, the operative word in the title is your, you need to make sure the chosen flowers are right for you and your relationship. There are some great ideas at the Interflora flower section to get some initial inspiration.

After you have had a look to see the type of gift you would like to buy, one of simply flowers, perhaps a gift box of wine and chocolate or maybe balloons, you should look into the anniversary gifts. Remember, the sunflower is a popular choice, it is symbolic of admiration and is unapologetically bright and beautiful.

Pink carnations are the flower of gratitude; these may be more acceptable for an anniversary of a married couple, to show you are truly grateful not only for their love but their companionship and constant camaraderie. You may have to check the thank you gifts to find these but there really are some stunning bouquets to choose from and sometimes, sheer gratitude is one of the most genuine and touching emotions there is.

Celebrity Style: Eva Longoria Fashion/Style

I always love Eva Longoria! I just like her pretty face, petite figure, color of her skin and her fashion sense. In this set, you'll find her wearing pretty pastel colored skinny jeans and white polo shirt. Gorgeous!


Celebrity Style #1

Monday, September 24, 2012

Orange Delight

Eversince I learned that orange or coral colors look good on me, I never stopped looking for blouses or top that I can buy if my budget allows. I already have several printed and solid colored orange blouses but still I can't get enough. Look, I found a cute one at pinterest! That blouse looks so simple and I think the cut or style of the blouse can hide my big belly hehe. I'm not loving the orange wedge sandals though , I think I'll just opt wearing beige or brown wedge sandals for this look. That multi-colored bracelets can add some spice on the whole outfit and I love it.

Right now, I've been browsing both pinterest and polyvore sites looking for more ideas and I just hope computer running slow problem will not happen on my pc when I open multiple programs or sites at the same time. Thank goodness, pc is running and performing at its best up to now.

Steps for Gorgeous Red Lips

Red lipsticks on women can be a head turner but when you apply it with smudges and out of your lip's line, it will look horrible. I just envy women with great lip shape as well for their lipstick will look good on them more.

For the step by step tutorial in applying red lipstick or any color click on the image below. This method will make our lipstick stay much longer in our lips.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrity Look: Demi Lovato Inspired Outfit

'but you couldn't walk 'cause the music's taking over your feet.' ?

If you are a fan of the singer/actress Demi Lovato then I'm sure you'll also want to copy her style of dressing. In this concert of hers she is wearing a very simple, casual and comfortable attire.  It's pretty easy to copy her style and will not cost you a lot for this look. If you have a jeans that you don't like anymore you can cut it and make it into shorts. Match it with your high heeled shoes, leather bracelets, a white shirt, denim jacket and add a bib necklace to accentuate your attire. You can add more accessories if you want like musical note or musical instrument earrings. If you are also playing drums or any kind of instrument in a band, you can definitely rock this look.  You can definitely play around with this look.

You can click the image to know where you can get them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Audrey Cape for Kids

Oh how cute is this! Kids are getting so fashionable these days too! Thanks to their moms who have keen eye on fashion.

Actually those capes are DIY and if you love making and sewing clothes for your kids this is definitely a great idea to make. The link on the step-by-step tutorial for this cape is there below the photo, just click it and you can practice and make one for your little kids.

Battery Operated Fisher-Price Barbie Lil Trail Rider ATV and Jeep

My cousin's daughter will be turning 7 this December and I'm already looking for gift ideas so it brought me to Toys R US website to see what can I find. Also, Christmas is not far behind so it's better to start looking for gifts and have my list soon. I know my cousin's daughter loves Barbie dolls but I'm sure she has lots of dolls already. In fact, I saw her collection of Barbie dolls when I visited them couple of months ago.

I just thought these battery operated Fisher-Price Barbie Lil Trail Rider ATV and Jeep are perfect for her. It includes batteries and charger when you buy them but just in case you lost them, you can find  maha batteries to replace the batteries.  The ATV is priced at $84.99 while the Jeep is a little bit expensive $250.00

Images from TOYSRUS.COM

Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween is one of the most celebrated event in many parts of the world and not only adults get to dress up and have some fun. Kids and even babies take part on this celebration and they are even cuter when you dress them up with something different that can raise curiosity and liking by many people.  I remember taking our nieces and nephews when they are still kids on Halloween costume parties on different malls in the Metro and to see them excited to get their treats are priceless. A nephew even won in a Halloween costume contest where he wore a “KAPRE” mask made by my older brother.

These days, Halloween costumes need not to be scary at all for anyone can wear any theme.

Are you joining any Halloween costume party this year and what theme do you have in mind?

Here are just some of the Halloween costumes for kids that I found at

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Toddler Girls  Medium 4T through size 7
Super Hero costumes by:

Baby -Children Girls Superwoman Halloween Costume SmallMedium  Captain America Tutu Outfit with Shield

Red Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume and Purple Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume by:

Custom Boutique Red Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume 2t

Pirate costume 12 Custom Boutique purple  Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume

People Who Need Walker With Seat

Walker with seat is a medical equipment used by patients who usually have problems with their gait, balance or those with musculoskeletal disorders or neuromuscular diseases. You don’t have to study any medical courses to know these things because there would always bethis website about it. Medical walkers with seat are mostly preferred for elderly use to promote independence as it doesn't need any assistance from anyone other than the bearer. Unlike electronic wheelchairs, walkers with seat allow those able, to exercise their bones and muscles, and burn some calories while also allowing rest when needed.

Furthermore, patients under rehabilitation because of cerebrovascular accidents and those recovering from broken bones also use the walker as a form of therapy. Neuromuscular diseases such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease also lead to the use of such ambulatory device. However, is usually recommended for better walkers. Ambulatory devices come in different forms and functions. Physicians or therapists are the persons who recommend the type of aid that an individual needs to use. These devices, whatever form, assist walking for those medical conditions that limit mobility.

Walkers with seats are available in medical supplies shops. You can also choose to buy online to avoid the traveling hassles. They already have pictures of the devices in their website for better viewing. A lot of them gives you the ease of purchasing the perfect type of walker that is suited for your condition. Some sites offer free shipping while others offer free consultation.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial

I'm very sure every girl know about Hello Kitty and her cute friends. I remember when I was in highschool, I collect some Hello Kitty tuff from tumblers, stationery, wallet, and more. I also know someone who enjoys collecting Hello Kitty stuff eventhough she's already married and have a baby of her own. A true blue Hello Kitty fan.! These days, you can not only find Hello Kitty on merchandise because nail art designers are using them on their craft.

Take a look at this HELLO KITTY Nail Art tutorial and who knows you might enjoy doing it by your own.

Fashion Culture

Fashion has always been an integral part of society. As the eras and periods change, so does the fashion trend. It goes hand in hand with the times. Throughout history, it has been used in many different purposes. Aside from being an expression of self, it has also been utilized as an instrument of protest, demonstration and rebellion. More importantly, fashion can define a particular culture. Such is the influence and effect of fashion.
Although fashion is greatly influenced by current popular trends, it is actually relative in general. It depends upon the preference, personality and character of a person. While most people would prefer conservative yet cool styles, there are some who like to try out the extremes. One of the more extreme kind is body piercing.

Well, we may never completely know or fully understand everything about this but what we can do is to refer on the experts regarding this matter. Authorized clinics and licensed people are usually the ones who could give us the best information. The internet is also a reliable of accurate knowledge on these topics. Websites just like contain ample information not only about body piercing but also other fashion styles, particularly the “over the edge” type.

Body piercing is one of the most painful kinds of art but definitely one of the most popular. It has become very common to see people sport these types. People still have different opinions regarding this type of fashion but nevertheless, the number of people using piercing barbells is steadily increasing. Among the types of piercing, tongue piercing has been the most intriguing.

There have been a lot of questions regarding this process. Aside from the obvious gruesome pain, are there any side effects to this? Is it permanent or is there a chance that it will close up? It has become very trivial both to observing individuals and enthusiasts alike. Opinions and choices may vary but both parties would have to agree that the concern is valid.

Regardless what kind of fashion we prefer, still, nothing beats the “safe kind”. Making sure that we are safe must be the greater priority as compared to being hip.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

TAG Heuer AQUARACER Collection

Christmas and my birthday are  fast approaching so I’m already thinking of what to buy for myself. Since I already have too much bags and shoes , I’m leaning towards buying another watch this time and I want a durable and classic one. With my desire to look for that special gift to myself, I browsed online and found this tag heuer aquaracer collection. I’ve been wanting to have this brand ever since I was in college but my budget at that time is not sufficient to buy have one of these. Now, that I’m earning quite good, I reckon I deserve to have one .

High Low Dresses from Forever 21

There are a lot of fun ways to wear dress these days. These high low dresses are sure elegant and classic. Pair them with your fave wedges or high heel shoes and in no time you’ll be the center or attention. You can find these cute high low dresses in different colors and styles from FOREVER 21 but there are other shops that sells them too. I love forever 21 so I’ll pick one when I have time or money this weekend. Just love that beige dress!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Auction Site Online

What a great place to shop aside from the malls is online. I love shopping and have tried purchasing online on various sites. The excitement that I feel when I shop on regular stores is also the same when I shop online and maybe that is the magic of shopping. Not only it can save me time to dress up and drive just to go to the store to buy some things but it can save me also money. Goods are delivered right straight to my home at the timeframe that sellers specified.

These days, more and more shoppers are purchasing online and many auction stores have a certain appeal that draws attention to shoppers. Auction sites like Affiliated Auctions & Realty is a place for people to buy or sell their goods online. It’s a market place where people can sell jewelry online and other items while potential customers can bid on certain items and those that have higher bids eventually have the chance to purchase the item.

Affiliated Auctions is also a place for military surplus auctions, antique items, collectibles, buy and sell gold/silver, real estate properties just to name a few. Their online printable catalogue are available to anyone who wishes to peruse the products that are up for bidding. They also accept consignment on various items and no-cost appraisal and approval. Check out their site for their upcoming auctions.

Whether you are looking to sell your jewelries or looking for some nice piece of collectibles to purchase, you’ll find online auction stores a great place.

How to Use Healing Crystal Necklaces

A crystal is a solid material whose components are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure that forms a crystal lattice extend...