Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Mario Inspired Two Piece Cosplay Dress-up Comic Outfit

Ahhhh.. who will ever forget Super Mario game back in the 80's? We have a neighborhood family computer shop back then and this is one of the many favorite games of our customers and also me. I spent hours playing this and even though I fall, eaten my the flower or bumped by the turtle, I kept on playing the game with the hopes of saving the Princess in the end. My hard work paid off when I finished the game and saved the princess hehe..

Just in case you have no idea what SUPER MARIO game looks like, watch the video. Ahhh... I so miss this game! Oh this also gives you hint that I'm old

Super Mario has been immortalized in so many ways already. There are lots of Super Mario merchandise that was sold for many years now but still Super Mario and Luigi will still be around. Look at this Super Mario Inspired Two Piece Cosplay Dress-up Comic Outfit that you can wear during a Halloween Party or at cosplay meetings. This outfit is high-waisted and made of latex rubber materials.

It's pretty, isn't it? You can buy this at ETSY. Link of the store is at the bottom.



  1. oh yes! who would forget Super Mario? that was really the most popular game during the early computer days.

  2. Believe it or not, I am not really familiar with SUper Mario. LOL

    My husband would always laugh at me every time time he mentions anything about super heroes. He would always ask, where have you been all this time? LOL

  3. I remember it so well, haha! Adik din ako dyan noon. LOL!

  4. I simply dig this game. Thanks fir the share.

  5. hahaha really Rovs? Super Mario games is so popular back then.

  6. Super adik din ako dyan nuon.

  7. I'm a Super Mario game addict! I even had a fight with my cousins because his tv got busted! Thanks for sharing a video, It really brought me back to my childhood days!

  8. I'm definitely familiar with Super Mario Bros!


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