Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fireman Inspired Outfit

I've been seeing a lot of teens wearing themed costumes for their party or gatherings. Just the other week, my niece asked me if I have boots and cowboy hat because she'll be a cowgirl on her friends birthday. I have no boots but I got a cowgirl hat that I bought in Sydney few years back so I was able to gave it to her. Halloween is also fast approaching and everybody will be busy looking for costumes once again and here's a fireman inspired outfit that you can copy.

It's even more realistic if you have a double jacket fire hose as your prop,  but if you don't have then it's still be fine. This outfit is like a firewoman with a pom-pom hehe. Just be creative when you want to pull off this attire. .

Ember Flicker Flame


  1. I love the combination, Mamikat. Feeling teenager ko ana pag mao na akong suoton, hehehe!

  2. you can stuff like this from E Bay


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