Thursday, August 30, 2012

Body Jewelry: Another Form of Enhancing Beauty

For many women dressing up is their chance to show off their personality and to express themselves not to mention the probability of boasting their new clothes, jewelries of bags to other people. Jewelries can enhance any outfit. A simple block colored shirt and a pair of pants can be turned into something fabulous when you wear a chucky bib necklace, cuff bracelet or sparkly chandelier earrings. It can turn a drab outfit into a fab one.

Personally, I love wearing charmed bracelets for it can enhance my dainty little arm. These days, big chunky or chrono typed watches are just so fashionable and popular to women so I didn’t let that pass and I end up buying 2 oversized watches with leather strapped watches. I’m still drooling over the dual toned (silver and gold) watch that I saw from DKNY and Fossil and hoping before my birthday this November it’s in my arm already.

All of us have different personalities or character and no one can ever dictate us what to wear or like. Wearing something that we don’t like or not in our personality will definitely be evident on how we carry the dress or particular jewelry. We need to be comfortable so we can be confident while wearing them.

For people who have an audacious personality, body piercings or tattoo are not that uncommon anymore. Most likely, it is their way of expressing themselves, letting others know about their personality or it’s their way of appreciating art. Body jewelries like piercing barbells can be pierced in the navel, nose, nipple, earlobe, eyebrow and you’ll be surprised to know even on private parts. Daring as it can be but some courageous people can only do that just make sure that the jewelries that you’ll get are hypo-allergenic for there are materials that can cause allergies to some people. The cleanliness of the shop that will perform piercing should also be taken into considerations.

Fashion trends keep on evolving and not only women have formed an affinity to jewelries but men as well. It only shows that, people in the olden times and those in tribes who practiced piercing and tattoo don’t have much difference today.


  1. there are some tattoos I love looking at, those cute little ones that are not so overtly displayed, however, I still am not comfortable looking at huge tattoos that like covers most of the body.

  2. Just like you I love wearing Charm bracelets and Over sized watches. I find it nice and fits my personality. But on body piercing, I have to think twice before doing it. It's painful and risky.


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